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10 headbands to help hide bad hair days

Too lazy to do your hair in the morning? There’s a headband for that.
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By Kara Quill

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Wake up, check the clock, panic. I know this scenario all too well, especially later in the week.

I often find myself throwing my hair in a bun, adding a spritz of dry shampoo and running out the door. As a '90s kid, I'm no stranger to headbands (and bad bangs), but I've recently rediscovered the accessory in adulthood — and it's become my secret to hiding bad hair days.

Headbands are the perfect solution if you're too lazy or don't have enough time to do your hair. I've noticed more and more retailers offering different styles to help you channel your inner Blair Waldorf. I'm currently loving the knotted, structured look, but there are also soft headbands and ones made for working out.

Here are 10 affordable headbands that will go with basically any outfit.

1. Anthropologie Lauren Knotted Headband

This headband comes in six solid jewel-tone colors that will complement most of your wardrobe. You'll instantly create a classic look with this headband.

2. Madewell Cinched Fabric Headband

For those of us looking for a little more texture and print on a headband, this one fits the bill. It comes in a moss shade as well as a black and white version.

3. Leopard Print Headband

Leopard print is a neutral, trust me on this one. If your wardrobe consists of a lot of solid color sweaters, this headband will add a fun pattern to the outfit.

4. Boho Women's Headbands

You can get 10 of these headbands for the price of one! These boho-chic patterns vary in design and are bound to go with everything in your closet.

5. Anthropologie Millie Headband

This classic headband is simplicity at its best. It comes in nine colors and is made of corduroy, which gives it a unique twist.

6. TASHA Puffy Velvet Headband

This hair accessory has clean lines and comes in black, blue and red. The plush velvet fabric makes it easy to transition from daytime to nighttime wear.

7. TASHA Wave Fabric Headband

The intricate braided look to this headband is what really sets it apart. It comes in black and light pink.

8. Lululemon Fly Away Tamer Headband II

This headband is perfect if you're going for a bit more of a sporty look. It keeps your hair in place and goes all the way around your head, while the color will help it stand out in a crowded gym.

9. Anthropologie Jacoba Pearl Headband

This headband is decorated with faux pearls and comes in seven versatile colors.

10. BP. Soft Knot Headband

These headbands are soft and go all the way around the head, yet still have the knot detail that I personally love. These are perfect for running errands and keeping your hair out of the way while you do a face mask.

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