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Oh snap! We found the 16 cutest gingerbread house kits the whole family will love

From a Minions-themed kit to a Target store replica, there's something for everyone.
Gingerbread houses and cookies
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From putting up festive decorations to cooking and enjoying lavish meals together, the holidays are all about spending time with your loved ones and making sweet memories. Family activities like playing lighthearted games and building gingerbread houses together are the perfect way to share big laughs while creating long-lasting traditions.

From traditional homes to entire villages, we rounded up a few different (and delicious) cookie decorating kits that will definitely get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Cute gingerbread house kits for the fam | Gingerbread house FAQs

Gingerbread house kits the whole family will love

Favorite Day Target Store Cookie Kit

Target super fans will love this sugar cookie version of the store they can build and decorate themselves. It even comes with adorable icing decorations including a shopping cart and a little Bullseye.

Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Cottage Kit

If you prefer chocolate chip cookies over gingerbread, you don't have to miss out on all the house-building fun. For just $5, you get everything you need to create the cozy cottage of your dreams including delicious little Nestle chocolate morsels.

Minions Mini Gingerbread House Kit

If your kids can't get enough of the "Minions" movies, they'll love this gingerbread house kit that brings their little yellow friends to the holidays. The decorations include scene setters of Kevin, Bob and Stuart themselves and — of course — candy bananas.

M&M's Holiday Mini House Gingerbread Cookie Kit

M&M's are the star of the show — literally and figuratively — in this mini gingerbread house. Not only does the kit come with literal M&M's to decorate with, it also has two paper pieces featuring the red and green characters so you can add a few residents to the home you've created.

Favorite Day Tree House Gingerbread Kit

For the outdoorsy family, you'll love this take on a gingerbread house that's actually a tree house.

Favorite Day Mini Village Gingerbread Kit

If everyone in the family wants to decorate their own unique gingerbread house, a village of gingerbread houses is the way to go. This kit comes with supplies like icing and colorful candies to build and spruce up four mini gingerbread houses. For under $10, you can't beat this deal.

Cookies United Gingerbread House Kit

You can't go wrong with a good old-fashioned gingerbread house. Show off your icing and decor skills with this Michael's-exclusive kit that has gingerbread pieces, icing, candy jewels, fruity gummies and a start tray.

Walgreens Gingerbread House Kit

Using icing to hold your gingerbread structure together is a task that is seemingly easy and surprisingly difficult. With this set from Walgreens, you won't have to rely on icing to "glue" your house together because the pieces come in a "link and lock" style, like a puzzle! Fit them together and use a bit of icing for additional support, but the rest is mainly used for decoration.

Hershey's Holiday Chocolate Cookie House Kit

This Hershey's cookie house kit is perfect for the chocolate lovers in your family. In addition to chocolate cookie pieces for the exterior, this kit also includes a chocolate cookie kid and chocolate cookie tree, three Hershey's Milk Chocolate Snack Bars and seven Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses.

Wilton Gingerbread Winter Castle

Why build a gingerbread house when you can build a gingerbread castle? Bring winter wonderland dreams to life in miniaturized edible form with this kit from Wilton. It comes with everything you need, including pre-baked gingerbread panels, three types of candy, blue decorating sugar, white fondant and ready-to-use icing.

Wilton Ready to Build Mini Village Gingerbread Kit

Create a true mini village with this kit that has pieces to build and decorate four different houses in varying shapes and sizes. The houses only stand between 3 1/4 to 4 inches high, so this could also double as a creative centerpiece during holiday festivities.

Wilton Gingerbread Holiday Sleigh

Complete your gingerbread scene with a holiday sleigh! You won't have to worry about having an empty sleigh, either, because the kit also comes with a small gingerbread man, tree and candy cane decorations you can decorate and put inside.

The Elf on the Shelf Gingerbread House Kit

With this kit, you can build a home for your Elf on the Shelf! While it's exciting to move your elf around from place to place throughout the season, it'd be nice to give them a place to come back to each night. This kit even comes with scene setters so they'll have some familiar faces hanging around.

Barbie Gingerbread Dreamhouse Kit

Kids can bring their Barbie Dreamhouse visions to life with this vanilla gingerbread cookie kit.

Oreo Holiday Chocolate Cookie House Kit

If gingerbread isn't your thing, you can still get in on the fun with this Oreo chocolate cookie kit. Aside from the chocolate cookie pieces to build the house, it also comes with icing, fruity gummies, candy jewels and Oreos in both mini and regular sizes.

YumEarth Holiday Gingerbread House Kit

Take on every step of the gingerbread house-making experience with this gluten-free gingerbread kit. Now everyone can safely be included in the holiday fun with supplies that are free from peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish, soy sauce and sesame.

Gingerbread house FAQs

What is included in a gingerbread house kit?

Most gingerbread house kits include pre-cut cookie pieces for the structure, icing to help it hold together and candy for decoration. Some kits also include paper decorations and piping bags.

Is the gingerbread house kit edible?

Most gingerbread house kits and their decorations are edible. Just be wary of any additional decorations made of paper or any other materials that aren't edible.