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15 helpful gadgets that will make cooking and cleaning a breeze this summer

Nobody likes doing chores, but these tools will make your life easier.

While we could all use a break to join the family for a round of a fun backyard game, it's probably time to check off some household tasks from your list. Whether you need to get to that messy microwave or find an easier way to clean your grill for your next barbecue, there's a nifty product to help make the project easier.

Yahoo Life contributing editor Chassie Post showed Hoda and Jenna the tools they need for a stress-free summer. With a few cool kitchen gadgets and cleaning essentials, you'll be able to enjoy the next few months without having to worry about tough household chores.

1. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

This might look like a toy, but it's actually an innovative tool that will help you clean your microwave without the need for heavy scrubbing.

Just fill the "Angry Mama" with vinegar and water, and microwave it for five to seven minutes. After, use a paper towel to effortlessly wipe off the mess.

1. SameTech Pineapple Peeler Corer Slicer Cutter

"I never bought pineapples because they were such a pain to cut and I wasted half the fruit," said Post. She discovered this unique gadget that makes the process easier and less wasteful.

Within seconds, you can peel, core, slice and cut your pineapple into edible chunks. Simply insert the stainless steel core into the top of your fruit and turn to spiralize the pineapple. With one swift push of the eight-section blade, you'll have an evenly chopped snack.

2. iGenietti Watermelon Corer And Slicer

If you've almost sliced your own finger trying to cut a watermelon, this product is for you. This utensil combines the handiness of tongs with the functionality of a knife so you can cut and serve with ease.

3. Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer

"One thing that drives me crazy is how much space colanders take up in my drawer and cupboard," said Post. She loves that this clip-on colander is compact and that it fits most pots and bowls.

4. WoodNflex Flexible Wood Cutting Board

This flexible wood cutting board is covered in hardwood veneer and makes transferring food easier than ever. The hybrid design uses the flexibility of silicone with the durability of hardwood to give you a practical cutting board that's durable.

5. Kabob Grilling Baskets

Ditch the skewers for these easy-to-use grilling baskets, which deliver char-broiled taste without the hassle. The steel wire baskets hold up against the heat and the rosewood handle makes for a comfortable cooking experience.

6. Bristle Free Grill Brush

Don't shy away from a meal that requires grilling because of the difficult clean-up. This nifty grill brush uses continuous springs instead of bristles to remove grease and food build-up. It's safe to use and is designed to last longer than a traditional brush.

8. Pampered Chef Pan Scraper Set

Post's friend swears by these scrapers because they're versatile enough to use in the kitchen, tub, shower or anywhere you need to remove something sticky. She points out that each corner has a different shape to fit in a variety of places and the scrapers are dishwasher safe.

9. Hiware Window Blind Duster Brush

Dusting blinds seems like a never-ending process. Cut down on your cleaning time with this multi-pronged duster that works a lot like a pair of tongs. It grips individual blinds and brushes them clean in one sweep.

10. Mini Table Crumb Vacuum

Snacking at your desk? Clean up every last crumb with this mini vacuum. It's battery-operated, compact and easy to use. You can even stash it in the car to clean up any messes on the go.

11. Hoover Professional Series FloorMate Deluxe

Post calls this vacuum a game-changer because it completely replaced her household mop. It cleans with both water and suction, and is designed to gently wash and scrub wood, vinyl, tile and grout.

12. Simplehuman Rechargeable Sensor Pump

This touchless soap dispenser from Simplehuman is a smart sanitation device that dispenses the right amount of soap every time with zero contact. It has a stainless steel exterior and a clog-proof pump to ensure a consistent flow of soap.

Though this one works with liquid soap, you can also opt for the foam soap model.

13. HoMedics Phone Sanitizer

The HoMedics Phone Sanitizer is designed to sanitize your phone, keys, eyeglasses and more. The brand says this device quickly kills up to 99.9% of bacteria with the use of UV light and works in just one minute.

14. HoMedics Portable Sanitizer Bag

This sanitizer bag takes disinfecting to a whole new level. Similar to the brand's phone sanitizer, it's designed to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. However, it can fit larger items or more items at once.

15. Hoover OnePwr Evolve Pet Vacuum

The Hoover OnePwr Evolve vacuum offers the power of an upright vacuum with a lightweight design that's just nine pounds. Thanks to the brush roll and odor filter, it's a good option for anyone who has pets at home.

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