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End summer with milkshake kits, mochi and more mail-order ice cream options

Your taste buds will thank you.

The pleasures of food delivery services are vast. From your couch or your bed, you can order from your phone or computer and 45 minutes later, your food of choice appears at your door. But you don't have to limit your palate to just what is local when getting delivery. Though, you will need to wait a little longer than 45 minutes.

Food expert Alejandra Ramos stopped by TODAY to share mail order ice cream products that will deliver right to your door. From a churro ice cream sandwich kit to mochi ice cream sets, these picks will please everyone.

Read on to shop mouth-watering ice cream options you can order right now.

Mail order ice cream seen on TODAY

La Newyorkina Creamy and Fruity Popsicles - Assorted Dozen

This New York-based sweet shop serves ice cream treats and desserts inspired by Mexican sweets, such as Passion Fruit Mezcal. Ramos loves La Newyorkina's paletas assortment because you get 12 popsicles in a variety of flavors, including coconut, passion fruit, and Mexican chocolate.

La Newyorkina Churro Ice Cream Sandwich Kit for 9

Ramos also recommends La Newyorkina's special take on churros in their churro ice cream sandwich kit. The kit comes with 18 round cookie-sized churros, 3 pints of ice cream in your favorite flavors, your choice of hot fudge or caramel sauce, and Mexican cinnamon sugar for dusting. How can you resist this sweet treat?

Alec's Ice Cream Super Sampler

Not only is Alec's Ice Cream a sustainable, carbon-neutral and organic brand, but it is also the product of a young boy's passion for making ice cream. According to the brand, when Alec opened his business, he said he “hopes his elementary school self would be proud!” To try all his favorite flavors or build your own pack of six, you can buy his super sampler. Ramos notes that the product uses A2 milk, which is a type of milk that some say might be easier to digest for some those with dairy sensitivities.

Alec's Ice Cream - Tahitian Vanilla Bean

If six pints of ice cream seems like too much ice cream for your household, you can also buy Alec's Ice Cream by the pint. His Tahitian Vanilla Bean pint is a crowd-pleaser, but others flavors include salted caramel latte and mint chocolate chip.

Malai Ice Cream Gulab Jamun Ice Cream Cake

The word "malai," which roughly translates to "cream of the crop," describes this brand's eggless and hand-churned desserts. Gulab Jamun, which Ramos notes is known as the “national dessert of India," inspired this ice cream cake that features flavors of cardamom, cinnamon and almond. She loves the cake because it is sweet, syrupy, floral, and "the perfect size to send to friend celebrations."

Mochidoki Signature Collection

Did you know you can eat mochi ice cream with your hands? This sweet treat is made with handcrafted ice cream wrapped in chewy mochi rice dough. The brand is known for their rich flavors, such as passion fruit and lychee, that you can try in their 24-piece mochi sampler. Ramos loves these ice cream treats because they can be eaten just like ice cream sandwiches or truffles.

Mochidoki Chocolate 4-Pack

For those who do not want 24 mochi pieces in their freezer, Mochidoki also sells their flavors in packs of four. Their chocolate mochi ice cream is so decadent it creates a "truffle-like experience." However, the brand also sells more inventive flavors, such as jasmine boba and raspberry white chocolate.

The Yard Milkshake Bar Signature Milkshake Combo Kit for 8

Though the milkshakes sold by this couple-owned sweet shop were once only available in Alabama, anyone from around the country can indulge in their homemade treats thanks to Goldbelly. The Yard Milkshake Bar sells milkshake kits in a variety of flavors including birthday cake and cookie dough. Ramos recommends indulging in the brand's combo kit that includes enough ingredients to make four "giant" shakes that can feed eight people.

Mail order ice cream toppings

Eastern Standard Provisions Co. Peanut Butter Caramel Sauce

Though this Boston-based company originally specialized in soft pretzels, they are now killing the toppings game. Their peanut butter caramel sauce is delicious on a warm pretzel or a refreshing peanut butter sundae. You and your taste buds will be happy after tasting this sauce made from seven ingredients: light cream, brown sugar, sugar, peanut butter, butter, vanilla extract and kosher salt.

Eastern Standard Provisions Co. Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Ramos also stands behind the brand's dark chocolate fudge sauce. She loves this "sundae classic" that the brand characterizes as "ultra-rich jar of decadent deliciousness." Following the ingredient trend of the brand's peanut butter caramel sauce, this sauce is made from minimal ingredients, such as dark chocolate and vanilla extract.

Eastern Standard Provisions Co. Chocolate Espresso Sugar

Ramos recommends pairing the decadent sauces with the brand's funky sprinkles. The crunchy chocolate espresso sugar adds a kick of caffeine and cocoa to every bite. The brand promises the sprinkles will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Eastern Standard Provisions Co. Sweet Love Sprinkles

For the final addition to your delicious mail-order ice cream sundae, Ramos recommends adding these Sweet Loves Sprinkles, which she says are gorgeous and taste like fresh berries. The sprinkles combine an assortment of heart-shaped sprinkles and blended sugars for a fun flavor explosion with every bite.

Mood-boosting mail order foods

Ramos also has some mail-order options that are so good they will boost your mood and satisfy any cravings.

Frog Hollow Farm Kitchen Ice Cream Sandwiches

After gathering freshly-picked summer fruit from their Bay Area-based farm, Frog Hollow Farm Kitchen crafts "fruit-forward" ice cream sandwiches right in their own kitchen. The sandwiches are 3 inches tall and stuffed with ice cream in a variety of flavors including peach, apricot and sweet cherry. An added plus, Ramos notes, is that shipping is already included in product costs!

Zab's Hot Honey

Ramos has warned you: this hot honey is truly spicy! However, it adds a sweet, slow burn to your ice cream sundaes. The hot honey uses the Datil Pepper, a rare pepper that is grown in St. Augustine, Florida. The pepper is equivalent in heat to a habanero pepper.

Nunbelievable Cookies Good for You Bundle

"They make artisan cookies in a variety of flavors, and also specialize in keto, low-carb, and gluten-free cookie options so that everyone can enjoy a sweet treat," Ramos said.

For each cookie sold, Numbelievable also donates a meal through one of their partner organizations that are dedicated to fighting hunger.

P-nuff Crunch Variety Flavor Peanut Puffs

"These delicious snackable puffs are made from high-protein peanuts, navy beans, and rice and are designed to provide protein, fiber and high energy throughout the day," Ramos said.

Designed by Juan Salinas, a food scientist and body builder who wanted to create a tasty snack that was also nutritious, these peanut puffs comes in flavors such as cocoa, cinnamon and roasted peanut. With a healthy recipe, this delicious snack is perfect to pack in school lunches, eat while traveling and more.

La Monarca Mexican Cookie Collection Gift Box

La Monarca is a bakery based in Los Angeles and is owned by two Mexican entrepreneurs who specialize in handcrafted Mexican sweets made from scratch using traditional recipes. Included in the box are cinnamon cookies, polvorones, which is a shortbread dusted with powdered sugar, orejitas, which are mini palmiers and Mexican wedding cookies which are made with butter and pecans.

"The name celebrates the resiliency of immigrant stories — Named after the Monarch butterfly which makes a 3,000 mile trek between Mexico and Canada twice a year," Ramos said. In addition to working to provide opportunities in underserved communities in L.A., this small business also donates a portion of their proceeds to protect and support their namesake butterflies conservation, the brand shared.

Curious Elixirs Cocktail Club Monthly Variety Pack

This variety pack includes non-alcoholic bottled craft cocktails that are infused with adaptogens to help you balance stress and relax. Some of the mocktail flavors include negroni-inspired bitter pomegranate, a spicy pineapple margarita and a blood orange spritz, Ramos said. You can shop your favorites or subscribe to a monthly variety pack and be surprised each month.

Spoonful of Comfort Soup Care Packages

"Nothing better than cozy homemade soup when you’re feeling down, and this mail order business makes it easy to send a little love to anyone in your life who needs it," Ramos said.

Spoonful of Comfort was started by a woman who wanted to send homemade soup to her mom when she was battling cancer. The business evolved and you can now send curated packages that include soup, rolls, a ladle and more. Some of the gourmet soups include chicken noodle, tomato basil, Italian wedding, broccoli cheddar and more.

Mouth Bummer Box

"Mouth is a company that works with a variety of small batch producers from around the country to create curated gift boxes," Ramos said. "It’s a great way to support small companies while sending a great gift to someone you love."

This bummer bod is designed to be a box for all those small cravings from salty treats like potato chips or popcorn or something sweet like a cozy mug of hot chocolate. This box has everything you need to eat your feelings whether you feel happy, sad and every other feeling in between.

More mail order foods

Momofuku Peachy Keen Pantry Starter Pack

If you want to spice up some of your favorite dishes, this Momofuku starter pack is just what you need. Featuring spicy seasoned salts, soy sauce, tamari and chili crunch, this spicy and savory pack will have you seasoning and making sauces like a pro.

Bushwick Kitchen Trees Knees Spicy Gift Set

This Bushwick Kitchen Trees Knees set is the ultimate gift for any hot sauce lover. Included in the set is a spicy honey, spicy maple and gochujang sriracha sauce as well as a custom dish towel. With your purchase you will also get a unique QR code that gives you access to Bushwich Kitchen recipes.

Michelle's Maccs Variety Pack

Michelle's Maccs are the perfect not-so-guilty pleasure. All natural and hand crafted, these baked coconut treats are a must-have. If a chewy coconut interior and crunchy baked exterior is not enough to get your taste buds jumping, each macc is hand-dipped in Belgian chocolate for a truly delicious finish.

Carey's Fine Foods Signature Pretzels

If you love to snack, Carey's Fine Foods has you covered. Available on their website are their signature pretzels and thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies. The pretzels are soaked in bourbon and other spices, creating a delicious flavor that will make it hard to put the bag down. Just as tasty are their thin crispy cookies that have a fantastic crunch.