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This is your last chance to grab your kiddo’s dream toys on sale — Score up to 79% off Barbie, Lego and more

Barbie, Magic Mixies, Pokémon and more popular toy brands are on sale right now.

Cyber Monday 2023 is here! Thankfully, this epic day is bringing a lot of deals at our favorite retailers like Amazon and Target. But from what we’re finding in the toy department — it looks like Santa came early. Whether you have a superhero-obsessed kid in your life or a little one interested in all things STEM, we found toys for every age, interest and budget — especially since they’re all on sale.

Here are the best Cyber Monday toy deals our editors have found based on available discounts and brands we love. Scroll below to see sales on everything from Barbie to Lego — all starting at $9.

Keep checking back throughout the day for even more Cyber Monday sales as we update throughout the day! (Plus, for even more ways to save on Cyber Monday and beyond, download our coupon extension, Shop TODAY Savings, to score deals on over 40,000 retailers and get TODAY-exclusive deals.)

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Cyber Monday 2023 Amazon toy deals

If you're shopping for a little one who loves to tap into their creative side, this bracelet making kit is the perfect toy to grab on sale. It includes letter beads, smile beads, colorful heart beads, gold beads and so much more. Grab it at 58% off right now!

Inspire their creativity with this building block set that allows them to take the lead. It comes with 25 building blocks, a hard hat they can wear and a storage bucket to keep things organized after playtime's over.

Inspire their imagination with this glow-in-the-dark-themed activity kit that's more than 30% off right now. To make collectible creatures, your kiddo just needs to combine two secret solutions with Elmer's glue and pour the concoction in a mystery mold. In 60 minutes, their creation will be ready!

Hedbanz Lightspeed is a must-have in your collection for any family game nights. The objective is easy: Just guess as many cards as you can before the headband sings and time runs out.

This toy might look unusual, but it seems to have a superpower: It's capable of keeping your little one busy for hours. The (adorable) mechanical crab not only plays catchy tunes, but it also uses its little legs to skitter back and forth. It's great for kiddos learning to crawl, as they'll need to "chase" it to catch it!

This plush play set is perfect for even the littlest of little ones. Enclosed inside the teal oven, you’ll find a rolling pin, cookie tray and an individual cookie that all make a variety of noises they’ll be amazed by.

Little chefs can enjoy playing with this pizza and pasta play set. Great for kids older than three, this 50 plus piece pasta set comes with a pasta guide, instructions, and cooking and serving utensils

Speaking of tents, if they prefer the indoor fantasy dreamscape version, this all-pink castle option will satisfy any wannabe princess. According to the brand, it can fit up to three kids at the same time, giving them the magical space they desire to play and dream.

If one camping trip with mom and dad gave your kid the itch for outdoor adventure, a child-friendly set is just what you need. This kit has everything they need to recreate the camping experience: a tent, lantern, compass, binoculars and so much more.

For any skaters on your list, this present is sure to wow them. Crafted with premium materials for an epic performance, including real seven-ply wooded decks, dual durometer wheels, polished metal trucks, real bearings and patterned foam grips so they can skate like a pro.

The sky is the limit for your little builder when they have this magnetic tiles set in their toy box. It comes with over 100 pieces to construct into any building, castle, mansion or structure their imagination can think up — all while improving their understanding of science, engineering and math!

As an aunt to a nearly 1-year-old, I regularly see how hard it can be for a baby to learn how to keep their balance, never mind take those first steps. Give them a little help developing those skills with a toddler-friendly bike, designed to enhance their coordination and steering, says the brand.

For the kids with a need for speed, this Hot Wheels set turns any room into their own custom race track with a camera-equipped RC car that connects to an app.

They’ll be so excited to hit the road on their new bike. According to the brand, this set of wheels is recommended for children aged 5 to 9 or who are between 3-foot-6-inches and 4-foot-6-inches.

Cyber Monday 2023 Target toy deals

Guide Harry, Hermione and other members of Dumbledore's Army through the Lego version of Hogwart's special Room of Requirement. Based off the heart-stopping escape scene in the Deathly Hallows Part 2, this set includes the pieces to build a Cornish Pixie and a Fiendfyre figurine that can be rebuilt into a fire serpent.

If you have little ones in your life, you're probably already familiar with Magic Mixies. They've been a hot commodity for the past few years and this year is no different with the brand's latest iteration: a genie lamp.

Cyber Monday 2023 Walmart toy deals

With easy-to-grasp pieces featuring chunky dinosaurs, this wooden puzzle is perfect for any little one.

It's amazing what a simple set of wooden blocks can do. According to the brand, these blocks (which come in four colors and nine shapes) can help kids gain "invaluable practice with fine motor skills and dexterity, color and shape recognition, and pre-math skills."

Ready? Set? Race! There's nothing like the rush of seeing speeding Hot Wheels cars dashing on the ground. You can score this mystery automobile for less than $2!

Already loaded with 50 Disney e-books, this tablet is perfect for keeping little ones entertained on the go. It has 32GB of storage, so there's plenty of space to download apps, too! And the parental controls allow you to be sure they're safely scrolling.

Bring the fun of an arcade right to your living room with this adorable Cocomelon-themed bumper car. Don’t worry, parents — it only reaches a max speed of 2 mph so you won’t have to issue any speeding tickets.

They may be a little too young to get behind the wheel of a grown-up car, this is a super-fun way to help them learn the rules of the road — or, more likely, the sidewalk. Plus, it's souped-up with Bluetooth features and LED lights, making them the coolest kids on the block. (Don't worry mom and dad, it also comes with a parent remote control and is designed with maximum speed of 3 mph.)

Cyber Monday 2023 Best Buy toy deals

Have a Pokémon collector on your gift-giving list? This trading card box includes a few foil cards (including a double rare foil card of Oinkologne ex) as well as four booster packs.

Who says Legos can't double as decor? As someone who can't stand having real greenery in her home (nor can I keep them alive for longer than a week), I'm loving the look of these buildable flowers and plants. You don't need a green thumb, just an opposable one that can pick up blocks!

When summer rolls back around (we're already counting down the days ...), you'll be happy you prepared for outdoor activities now by grabbing $40 off this volleyball set!

Cyber Monday 2023 Kohl's toy deals

Babies and toddlers have a lot of learning to do in their younger years, so now's the time to get toys that contribute to that developmental stage. Thankfully, one of their favorite characters has a toy to help them do it! This interactive doll is set with over 50 phrases to help your child learn numbers, letters, color recognition and much more!

Before they start begging for a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, hold them over with this adorable plushy set of Minnie Mouse and her adorable unicorn friend, Penelope. She even sings a song from the Disney Junior show “Minnie’s Happy Helpers!”

The Hot Wheels-obsessed kid in your life will have a blast sending their cars through this ferris wheel over and over again. At half off, this is a price you can’t beat.

Warning: You might have to up their allowance after gifting this cleaning set to your kids. It comes with a mop, broom and duster to help mommy and daddy tidy up — making chores more fun and less of a hassle.

If you're wondering whether or not this pretend doctor kit is worth it, you should know that Melissa & Doug partnered with the American Academy of Pediatrics to make sure everything about this kit contributes to helping kids foster early brain development.

Lastly, instead of making a mess of your kitchen (that you'll end of cleaning yourself), let them learn the ropes of chef life while playing with their own setup that's complete with an light-up burner, recycling bin, sink and oven!