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I tried the one-handed drink dispenser going viral on TikTok — it actually works

It will instantly pour any drink, minus spills or mess.
TODAY Illustration / Courtesy Danielle Murphy / Amazon

Whoever invented the built-in water dispenser on refrigerators deserves a raise and a few pats on the back. Water filter pitchers are fine, but nothing beats the ease of just placing your drinking glass up against a button for immediate access to refreshments.

The thing is, I'm a bit spoiled now. Its simplicity begs the question: Why is this innovation only limited to water and not, let's say, milk, juice — maybe even booze? I really just want this lazy-girl hack for every drink I'm craving. Well, I'm not surprised that a recent video I came across on TikTok showed me that I absolutely can.

Introducing my new favorite kitchen gadget: the Automatic Drink Dispenser.

HZMENG Automatic Drink Dispenser

Do I need this? Maybe not. Am I glad that I have it? No question. And I'm here to tell you that it's not just for people who want to feed into their lazy side (but, hey, I'm not judging). Here's why I think you need it, too.

It's easy to assemble and use

This contraption is so simple to figure out that my Amazon package didn't even come with instructions. Whether that was an error or purposeful remains to be seen, but either way, they weren't needed in my experience. I just gave it a wash, popped open the slide-off lid to place the AA batteries inside and then dropped the dispenser into my drink of choice. It's that easy.

When the blue dispenser trigger is pressed, the device picks up the liquid from the bottom, which then travels up through the straw and into your cup from the top. The dispensing is automatic but be careful of the speed at which the liquid exits — it's definitely stronger than I anticipated, and my first few attempts saw a stream of juice spurt right over my cup and onto the floor. But it's easy to get used to, and now I just appreciate how quickly I can get a drink using just one hand.

The rubber lid looks like a twist-on, but you actually just need to give it a light tug over whatever bottle you use it on. It fits on pretty snug and doesn't move when you start dispensing. If you're trying it for the first time, I recommend putting in the batteries after you place it in the bottle. The trigger is quite sensitive, so it's easy to accidentally press it when you don't mean to.

Courtesy Danielle Murphy

It's the ultimate kitchen hack

Sure, the idea of taking a carton of milk out of the fridge doesn't seem all that hard to some. But for those who have their hands full with kids or limited mobility, this device can be more useful than you think. "It is so very helpful for my elder mother who struggles with pouring," said one five-star Amazon reviewer. "This is so great for anyone with Parkinson’s, stroke or after surgery and you can’t lift heavy items. I can’t say enough about this product."

I'm not a parent, but I'm a soon-to-be aunt, and I'm sure this will be a game-changer when my sister doesn't have a hand to spare just to pour herself some water once she becomes a first-time mom. It's also something she can keep around for when her kid gets older, since it can prevent messes from little ones who haven't yet developed strong coordination skills. I can easily see a toddler or middle-schooler pushing a cereal bowl up to this dispenser to fill it with milk for a no-spill, parents-free breakfast prep.

There are no specific instructions on how to clean inside the straw, but I've found that filling a cup with soapy water and running it through a couple of times works best. Plus, it only takes minutes to do.

The only setback

The one thing that would make this Amazon gadget perfect is if it had multiple sizes. The bottom pump is kind of thick, so you can't fit it into smaller openings — like those of a 2-liter soda bottle or half gallon milk carton, for example. This is specifically made for containers with a mouth diameter of 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 centimeters.

But for my bigger lemonade bottles and extra-large cold brews, this is the gadget that keeps on giving.

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