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What October's 'ring of fire' solar eclipse means for your zodiac sign

Astrologer Lisa Stardust says the eclipse will bring out our independent streaks.

Eclipse season has begun. Can you feel it? If you don't now, there's a chance you will soon.

The first eclipse of the fall season occurs on Saturday, Oct. 14. It's an annular solar eclipse, which leads to a visual effect of a bright light around the moon, nicknamed a "ring of fire."

If you’re into pop culture, Sally Owens from the 1998 cult classic film "Practical Magic" claims annular eclipses are a sign of trouble. Let’s hope it isn’t the latter, and it’s just a transitional time.

How can you see Oct. 14's eclipse? 

The eclipse will occur at 1:55 p.m. ET on Oct. 14. The annular eclipse will be visible in parts of North America, South America and Central America.

In terms of the United States, the path of the eclipse will make its way across Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Texas.

What are the astrological effects of this solar eclipse?

This eclipse is in the sign of Libra and alignment with the south node of destiny, so we may be releasing outdated perspectives and bringing in new ones — particularly in relationships.

Finding balance is key, and we might argue with others to reclaim it. Be careful not to go tit-for-tat, because emotions are delicate and such aggression could lead to a bigger disagreement.

With Venus and the Black Moon Lilith, an astrological point surrounding areas of shame or repression, connecting together in Virgo, we’ll want to assert our autonomy and independence.

Being able to say act, and do what we want, might make us feel free ... but we have to play by the rules, since Virgos are sticklers for order. Translation? We can have uninterrupted fun with friends, as long as we are home by a certain hour.

The solar eclipse can help us find ourselves and help us see what we need to adjust in order to live our best lives.

How the eclipse will impact your zodiac sign


You’re questioning your friendships and partnerships now, which means you might be letting go of people who don’t make the cut. Be clear with others about your needs to ensure you don’t feel overlooked in the future. Being open and honest will help you to create better dynamics, too.


Since you’ve been trying to create a steady daily ritual, it shouldn’t be surprising that you long for fun and want to cut loose. Give yourself time to get out of your routines and shake things up. Try not to be rigid at this time. Go with the flow.


It may feel like there are a million things to do. Not all of those million things are essential. Make sure that you’re prioritizing what absolutely needs to get done. You can leave the extra chores for the next day if you’re too exhausted or overwhelmed. Do not put too much pressure on yourself.


Home is where your heart is. At this time, focus on strengthening relationships. The result will be freeing as you work through years of repressed trauma and letting go of heartache. The effect will be cathartic and ultimately satisfying,


You have been super busy lately, and the effects of overworking are starting to take their toll. Before you take on more, ask yourself if the responsibility is worth the headache. You don’t want to take on more than you can handle if you're already overloaded.


Your confidence is peaking, allowing you to find the courage to set boundaries. You’re not letting anyone walk all over you and are keeping a wall up with those that add drama to your life. This will bring you peace of mind and calming energy.


Old acquaintances might come out of the woodwork and want to reconnect with you at this time. Embrace them with open arms and reflect on the past while shedding light on who you’ve become. This will give you a chance to realign with your younger self.


The solar eclipse urges you to step back from work and mundane activities. The more rest you get and self-care you implement, the better you’ll feel overall. Think of this as a moment when the cosmos wants you to focus on yourself.


You’re caught up in a tug-of-war between your desires and your responsibilities. Whatever speaks to your heart on a soulful level will win this time. You should find a middle ground between both worlds for a happy future.


Many positive changes are happening at work that will benefit your career. The good news is that you won’t be negatively affected by such matters. You’ll receive praise or a possible promotion from your boss. If you’re an entrepreneur, you might have more opportunities and clients.


You’re seeking a different perspective in life, leading you to take on studies and experiences that you never had before. This will open your mind and help you understand matters from a new point of view. You’ll be able to learn more and gain insights leading to knowledge.


This is a highly empowering time for you, in which you’ll feel immune to shame or guilt in telling others how you truly feel. Since you won’t have a filter in how you express yourself, you should proceed with kindness in the words you say to others to avoid offending them.