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What March's full moon in Virgo means for you and your sign

Astrologers consider the full moon the most intense time of the month.

Astrologers like to say that full moons are the most intense time of the month. The lunar phase is one of heightened awareness. Each takes on the flavor of the sign it falls in, and March 2023's full moon is in the earth sign Virgo.

There are also other cosmic happenings occurring at the same time as March 2023's moon. Saturn, which has been traveling through the sign Aquarius for the past two and a half years, swims into Pisces. Instead of looking at the facts with a pragmatic and logical standpoint, we may choose to overlook them or make peace. This celestial shift tends to avoid confrontation until it’s essential. 

The good news is that we are entering a new cycle which will span two and a half years. Getting rid of the old and embracing the new is key. Lean towards growth, accountability, and accepting responsibility for past actions as we move forward.

Here’s how to see March 2023’s full moon

March 2023’s full moon, given the nickname the Worm Moon, will reach peak fullness on Tuesday, March 7 at 7:50 a.m. ET, and will appear full for about three days.

March’s full moon in Virgo has a specific astrological meaning

This full moon is an opposition between the dreamy Pisces sun and detail oriented Virgo moon.

When these two planets juxtapose each other, we'll be encouraged to find the middle ground between the two attitudes: Analytical and dreamy.

Thanks to the planetary connection with Mars and Uranus, there will be no stone unturned in our quest for the truth. Mars is urging us to take action and Uranus is opening our eyes to see things more clearly.

The same day as the full moon, austere Saturn enters Pisces, giving us the chance to blend reality and fantasy. Even if we hear the facts, we may decide that we don’t need to be in the know and choose to put our heads in the sand to ignore these matters.

Here’s how March’s full moon will impact your zodiac sign


It’s important to listen to what your body is telling you at this time. If you feel like you need to hit up a yoga class or sleep in today, then go for it. Don’t ignore the signals you are receiving at this time, as they may be crucial to your overall wellbeing. 


Matters of the heart are what's on your mind. Allow yourself the opportunity to make judgments about what you want and from whom when it comes to love will lead. You can guide your own romantic journey.


You may find yourself dealing with home issues or the real estate markets and other housing-related topics. Pay attention to the fine print before signing anything. Your future is being made as we speak.


The only way out of a sticky situation but through. Still, you may feel like you're walking in circles. For those going through some major financial or personal battles, you will see a karmic flow and return of your good deeds or positivity in all that you do. Be patient.


It’s time to get your financial affairs in order. If you need to start living on a budget, then create one that aligns with your personal needs. The more effort and care you put into maintaining your financial affairs and bank account balance, the better you’ll feel about your spending.


Although you tend to on a brave face, it’s OK to be emotional. Don’t feel as though you have to hide your sentimental side from those you care about. Once you let people in to see this side of you, they might admire you more.


Taking a step back from major endeavors at work and giving yourself a moment to decompress is a great way to use the full moon phase. Focus on making you mind, body and spirit feel like your own again.


Being the social butterfly that you are means that you rarely spend time connecting with people one-on-one. The full moon is pushing you to know members of your community on a deeper level, which is why you will be inviting them out individually to know them better. 


One work opportunity ends as another one opens. Think of the next stage of your career as something you can fully invest your heart  into. Take on projects and limit yourself to only doing whatever makes you happy and content (if you can) in the professional realm of your life.


Although you rarely give your mind the chance to think outside-the-box, now is the time to do so. As long as you believe in the ideas and dreams that are coming to you at this moment, then it won’t hurt you to embrace them even if these visions are off-kilter. 


This full moon will make you more aware of others' intentions. Your eyes are now opening and you’re able to see who is your true blue buddy ... and who's there to feed off your luck and prosperity.


Sometimes it’s hard for you to say no to the people you love and adore. Maintaining boundaries with them and setting limits will be instrumental during the full moon. Then, you won’t feel as though people are taking your generosity for granted.

Disclaimer: Astrology is not based in science. These posts are not intended to act as a directive.