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Starting from Scratch

TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie steps into the kitchen to learn how to cook simple recipes and basic cooking techniques from all-star chefs in her new series "Starting From Scratch."

Savannah Guthrie learns how to make chicken shawarma and homemade hummus

Chef Ayesha Nurdjaja teaches Savannah to make a classic Middle Eastern meal.

Siri Daly shows Savannah how to make healthier mac and cheese and chicken tenders

Siri and Savannah cook up cauliflower mac and cheese, baked chicken tenders with special sauce and perfect grilled cheese sandwiches.

Savannah Guthrie learns how to cook steak: Filet mignon, skirt and pot roast

Elizabeth Heiskell teaches Savannah how to make perfect skirt steak, filet mignon and pot roast, as well as how to roast vegetables perfectly.

Savannah Guthrie: Why I’m finally learning to cook — seriously, this time

The TODAY anchor opens up about her plan to overcome her insecurities in the kitchen.
Image: Today - Season 69
Image: Today - Season 69