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Savannah learns how to cook an American omelet, candied bacon and perfect pancakes

Chef Darnell Ferguson teaches Savannah how to make an all-American breakfast.
/ Source: TODAY

Savannah Guthrie is working hard to cultivate her cooking skills on her new TODAY All Day Series, Starting from Scratch. On this installment, chef Darnell Ferguson helps Savannah master the basics of breakfast. Together, they prepare the easy, cheesy ham omelet with veggies, crispy candied bacon and perfectly light and fluffy pancakes.

American Omelet

The trick to a good omelet is to cook the eggs low and slow. Change things up by playing around with any inclusions, switching out your favorite cooked meats, vegetables and melty cheeses.

Candied Bacon

Bacon wants to be candied. You can't beat the combination of sticky, sweet brown sugar and crispy, salty bacon.

Perfect Pancakes

I love this pancake recipe because it is restaurant-quality yet easy for anyone to make at home. They turn out perfectly fluffy and flavorful every time. They are delicious served with just a bit of butter and syrup, or you can up the ante by adding toppings into the pancakes while they're cooking.

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