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Jet Tila shows Savannah how to make pulled pork, slaw and cornbread for cookout season

As the weather warms up, Savannah is learning how to make classic cookout recipes.
/ Source: TODAY

Savannah Guthrie has learned to make a great breakfast, cook stellar seafood, whip up a Mediterranean meal, sear steaks and prepare kid-friendly cuisine … and she's still hungry for more culinary knowledge! On this installment of Savannah's TODAY All Day Series, Starting from Scratch, Jet Tila teaches Savannah how to make classic cookout dishes as the weather warms up. Together, they cook up fluffy and flavorful cornbread, tender and saucy barbecue pulled pork with a sweet and tangy Asian apple slaw.

Pulled pork with barbecue sauce isn't just a dish — it's a technique. Browning and braising are core techniques that should be applied to tougher cuts of meat to make them fancy and tender.

The slaw is a flavorful, healthy, comforting and has the Asian flavors we all love. It's as tangy as it is creamy, with the apples adding a natural sweetness. It pairs perfectly with the pulled pork.


Cornbread should be a staple for any cook. It's a dish you'll make many times in your life as a main dish on its own or a perfect side to many a barbecue lunch.

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