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Jet Tila

Latest from Jet Tila

313d ago

Vietnamese Shrimp Spring Rolls

These shrimp spring rolls are quintessential to Vietnamese cuisine and found everywhere in Vietnam. Plus, they're great for any occasion.
540d ago

Char Siu (Cantonese Sweet and Sticky Barbecue Pork Chops)

These chops take all the flavors of Chinese takeout barbecue pork and puts them in an easy-to-cook form.
637d ago

Jet Tila makes 2 classic Thai dishes: Panang chicken curry and pad thai

Jet Tila's family was among the first to introduce pad thai to America nearly 50 years ago.

Jet Tila shows Savannah how to make pulled pork, slaw and cornbread for cookout season

As the weather warms up, Savannah is learning how to make classic cookout recipes.
763d ago

Jet Tila makes pad thai and cashew chicken

"I always say pad thai is like pancakes. You'll burn a few before you get the knack for it."
763d ago

Thai Cashew Chicken

Cashew chicken gets fiery spice and delicious stickiness from chile paste in soybean oil and black soy sauce.
825d ago

Citrus-Sage Roast Turkey and Gravy

Jet Tila streamlines prepping Thanksgiving turkey and gravy with this efficient and delicious recipe.
876d ago

Pork Roulade with Apples and Cranberries

Fill flavorful pork loin with seasonal apples and cranberries for an easy autumn meal.

All fall flavors: Jet Tila makes cranberry pork roulades and apple Dutch baby pancakes

Fall in love with the warm, sweet and spiced flavors of the season.

Knife skills need some work? Chef Jet Tila shares his cutting-edge techniques

Jet Tila breaks down what to look for and how to care for and use your knives — and makes two grilled dishes to put the skills into practice.
1023d ago

Grilled Vegetable Salad

Serve warm grilled vegetable salad dressed with balsamic vinegar, fresh herbs and parmesan cheese.