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Jet Tila

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Knife skills need some work? Chef Jet Tila shares his cutting-edge techniques

Jet Tila breaks down what to look for and how to care for and use your knives — and makes two grilled dishes to put the skills into practice.
342d ago

Make-Ahead Monday: Turn ground beef into tasty kofta kebabs

Chef Jet Tila grills up spiced kofta kebabs and serves with with homemade hummus and Mediterranean salad.
496d ago

Roast sweet chili salmon to make tasty tacos and veggie-packed rice bowls

Jet Tila glazes salmon with Thai sweet chili sauce and uses it to make delicious rice and veggie bowls and healthy tacos with fresh apple slaw.
713d ago

Make-ahead Monday: Turn Korean-style short ribs into 4 meaty meals

Chef Jet Tila grills up Korean short ribs and uses the leftovers to make stir-fried noodles with veggies, a fresh fall salad and flavorful fried rice.

Make a prime-rib feast fit for a queen on Mother's Day

Chef Jet Tila makes prime rib, roasted Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and brown butter chocolate chip cookies for Mother's Day.
880d ago

Make your own takeout: Orange chicken and jasmine rice

Chef Jet Tila shares his secret techniques, tips and recipes to make perfect crispy orange chicken, jasmine rice and a chocolate-peanut butter tart.

Make-ahead Monday: Valentine's Day short ribs and avocado salad

Keep kitchen time to a minimum on Valentine's Day with make-ahead braised short-ribs and an easy avocado salad.
1073d ago

Take your tailgate over the top with Thai chili wings, pulled-pork nachos and more

Chefs Ryan Scott and Jet Tila go head-to-head with spicy chicken wings, meaty chili, zesty Italian subs and smoky pulled pork nachos.