TODAY   |  April 28, 2014

Julie Andrews’ daughter: My mom was ‘hands on’

The legendary Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, have written a new “Very Fairy Princess” book for children, “Graduation Girl.” Emma says that even in her mother’s busiest days as an actress, Andrews would still find time to make eggs for breakfast.

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>>> if there is any actress on the planet who can appeal to every generation it is dame julie andrews . the oscar and emmy win, no tony? i can't believe it, the legend on the screen and stage for 60 years.

>> it is the collaboration with her daughter emma walton hamilton on a series of best-selling children's books that is captivating a new generation of fans. their latest installment is "the very fairy princess." congratulations, girls.

>> thank you.

>> once again, welcome. once again, it is adorable.

>> so cute.

>> thank you for being here. you can go home now.

>> the ideas just keep coming for this little character, don't they?

>> she's so rich, really.

>> she is. we know her so well now that it is great fun. she is like a member of our family.

>> and they do become like family, they become real.

>> they become family to a whole generation of little children reading them. and that is so -- you have a legacy of all your films which have done that. now to have this with your own daughter.

>> this is such a pleasure.

>> nothing sweeter.

>> i know.

>> how do you work together? how does that work out?

>> we really -- it is very organic process . mostly verbal. i'm the scribe and we brainstorm out loud.

>> yes, we do.

>> over tea.

>> over tea, lots of tea. and the best idea wins. and a lot of respect. so she's more passionate or i'm more passionate about holding on to something, the other one seems to always listen somehow.

>> kind of disappointed it never comes to blows. we want to hear stories like kenya and portia.

>> we have a healthy discussion.

>> what is she like as a mom growing up? was she the disciplinarian?

>> she was firm and there were certainly healthy boundaries. she was very protective of us which was great.

>> you have to.

>> she was very hands on. she was really -- even when she was working long hours, she was always there, making eggs at 5:00 in the morning before we went to school or -- and did you go back to bed after i left for school?

>> i don't remember. maybe went up to have a shower and get ready for the day.

>> what about having a mom who is just so famous and all those different areas?

>> didn't really -- it's what it was.

>> i don't think i really saw it that way. i was aware that this was what she did for a living, but she was just mom.

>> actually the grandchildren have more of a surprise sometimes, don't they?

>> probably, although i think in many ways they're even more used to it because they see themselves on camera all the time these days. everybody has got their cameras --

>> everybody is a star in their own little --

>> the whole theme of the series. everyone is their own --

>> we noticed this morning you're doing issues about self-image and all that, and this little girl , she couldn't fit in more beautifully because it is all about your inner sparkle. and being individual. and what matters.

>> and how unique every --

>> how unique every individual is.

>> had they're little, they want to be like everybody else , don't they? they don't appreciate their uniqueness. this is such an important.

>> somehow it all comes out. in the case of this little girl , my granddaughter, hope, who is -- she is totally unique and individual and they all have their special --

>> you must hear great stories from readers who say my daughter just can't put this down. it must feel good.

>> fabulous.

>> every child should be reading these books.

>> this book is a favorite or something like that, or --

>> we love it. keep writing. we love you to come back over and over and over.

>> this one is all about graduation and moving on.

>> perfect timing. the second one is in the fall. we'll see you then, okay?

>> i would love it.

>> thank you.