TODAY   |  April 14, 2014

Alan Thicke: I’m ‘crazy proud’ of singer son Robin

The “Growing Pains” actor joins TODAY to chat about his new series, “Unusually Thicke,” a sitcom reality show that he says is “Honey Boo Boo meets Larry David.” He also chats about his son, chart-topping singer Robin Thicke.

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>>> alan thicke is an accomplished writer and song writer . he is perhapsed known for his role as dr. jason seaver on " growing pains ."

>> now he's back on television with a new seriesed call "unusually thicke", which he describes as a sitcom reality show about his family.

>> and in this episode, alan gets called out by his wife tonya for collecting swag at parties. take a look.

>> all right, honey, i've got to remove these bags from the counter.

>> i haven't gone through these yet. these are great swag bags, no doubt. thank you.

>> people with millions of dollars will line up for 20 minutes of time to get something free at the end of the night.

>> captain swag is here.

>> are you sure we need two?

>> no, we need five.

>> good morning, good to see you.

>> thank you, thank you.

>> i love this. what a good look inside your real life in hollywood. i love that you call it sitcom reality.

>> we're kind of a pseudo reality, quasi-comedy, semi-fictional fun fest.

>> rolls off the tongue.

>> yeah. kind of honey boo boo meets larry david .

>> a big in between there.

>> looking for that sweet spot .

>> where is the nexus of those two things? i'm trying to think that through.

>> unusually thicke, there it is.

>> crazy as honey boo boo , but as funny as larry david .

>> okay, so what do we get to see in the show? it's about your personal life as well. what do we learn about you?

>> it's a real family in a real life situations. but with a bit of a wink to a sitcom plot, if you will. so we deal with things that are really happening. i was inducted into canada's walk of fame , so some big shot celebrity tributes turned into a roast. there's another one where i am offered the job as the spokesperson for a male enhancement pill.

>> did you take it?

>> and of course, the family is outraged. i turn it down. and then david hasselhoff gets it. so outrage.

>> no! the hoff?

>> the show, we saw your wife tonya over there. she's standing over here to the side of the camera. i know there's a big question as well about whether or not to have another child? is that right? that's part of the theme?

>> that is an ongoing theme, yes. and you might have noticed, she's significantly younger than myself, and so the timing is completely right for her, and the issue becomes -- a real life issue, is it right for me. am i qualified still?

>> i have to say, i was a huge " growing pains " fan growing up. you look to me exactly the same as you looked then. don't you feel that way?

>> thank you. inside, i'm a wreck. none of my organs are working.

>> it's a facade. how often do you hear about " growing pains "?

>> always. and i love it. i'm happy that that's kind of what i stand for in a way. if i could have been a better person, i would have been jason seaver .

>> were you anything like jason seaver as a dad?

>> i think my own reality, my values, proud of what that stands for, because that's close to what i would want to be if i had 12 writers telling me how to be a parent all the time. but i think that's one of the reasons that i was anxious to do this show, because truth is that we feature my teenage son carter, and he wasn't born and my wife wasn't legal back when i was doing those shows. so to share the experience of a sitcom and the daily work, that was fun for me.

>> and of course, your other son robin.

>> robin, yes.

>> that kid.

>> yes, isn't he a caution. robin, god bless him. he pops in a couple of times to make sure i'm behaving. and lots of fun.

>> you've got to be proud of what he's doing right now.

>> crazy proud. raised the bar.

>> we can't wait to see it. thank you, such a pleasure. we love the orange jacket .

>> i would have disappeared on your sofa over there.