TODAY   |  April 04, 2014

‘Hardcore Pawn’ star: ‘Nothing surprises us’

Les Gold and his children Ashley and Seth are stars of the truTV show “Hardcore Pawn,” where they reveal how you can cash in on items around your house that you probably regard as junk. They tell Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb they are no longer surprised by the unique things people bring into their shop.

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>>> have you ever cleaned out your closet to find an old necklace or dusty vcr and thought what do i do with this stuff? the stars of " hard core pawn" are going to show you.

>> the show follows a family as they run a large pawnshop in detroit and things can get heated when it is a family affair . take a look.

>> i bought at least one semi full of television sets .

>> where are you going to put that? have you seen how many tvs are in our current warehouse?

>> plus the building across the street that we're getting.

>> it's coming.

>> so is next christmas.

>> if the deal is right, how are you going to turn it down?

>> what are you doing with 500 tvs ?

>> we want to know too.

>> did you sell that?

>> we sold in one week, we sold 100 televisions.

>> what is the markup?

>> where are the other 400?

>> the next three weeks.

>> i think it is a little obsessive. what about you?

>> he's a hoarder.

>> where do you get a truck full of tvs ?

>> i buy them from a company that does reclaimed and they have merchandise to sell. i'm buying.

>> who drives the bus in the store?

>> he tries.

>> what do you mean, i try? of course i do.

>> we tell him which direction to go sometimes but he does his own thing.

>> do you have anything to say about the buying. you're obviously the dad.

>> they don't. they have nothing to say.

>> my name is last.

>> you can't be right all the time. but if i'm right most of the time, it is a good thing.

>> does he admit it?

>> i give him credit.

>> a lot of stuff is wrong and we have to try to get rid of it.

>> right.

>> so now often when you think of -- don't want to generalize, you think pawnshops, you think somebody stole something and went to the pawnshop and tried to get quick cash for it.

>> it can be a negative. what's the truth.

>> to be honest, that's what we're trying to do with our show, help change the perception of pawnshops. every person that comes in, we take their i.d., thumb print and send it to the police within 24 hours . we're very --

>> is that something you do?

>> it is a highly regulated industry. that's what most pawnshops are supposed to do. we're very regulated.

>> when people walk in and have a piece and you go, i can't believe, that's such a beautiful -- you know it is worth something, what is one of the best pieces that has ever come in that surprised you?

>> nothing surprises me. people bring in everything from a big diamond to, you know, all kinds of stuff, which i'll show you later. vintage brooches, vintage merchandise. they bring in everything.

>> you can make a good living doing this?

>> i have for the last few years.

>> you also have a reality show .

>> well, it is all about the pawnshop. because tv is here for a short time. pawnshop is --

>> we had some of our producers and people who work here bring in some things. first is that necklace back there. bianca brought that in, our food stylist .

>> what i'll have you do, i looked at this beforehand. pick up the pearl necklace and let me give you knowledge about pearls. a rub it against your tooth.

>> what if your teeth aren't real? i think hoda should do it.

>> run it against your front tooth.

>> the back ones are but i'm not going to put it back there.

>> front tooth, is it gritty or smooth?

>> smooth.

>> rub it again.

>> your teeth aren't real either.

>> is it gritty --

>> it is gritty. it should be gritty. if you rub a pearl against your front tooth, if it is gritty, that means it is real.

>> how much is that worth?

>> this is worth $500. the clasp is 14 karat.

>> jerry gave a baseball --

>> the hard part with sports memorabilia is proving its authenticity. i would appraise that for about $200 to $300.

>> one of our producers gave us these three things.

>> this is a bueautiful brooch, 14 karat gold, probably value around $4500, we pay $2,000. people buy into their china closet, people don't know they have value. this has a value of 50 bucks, but 50 bucks matters. this has a value of a couple hundred. look in your closet. also, look in your pocket, you never know what you're liable to find. this is a 1920s brooch with -- which is all platinum with all, you know, european cut diamonds . it is worth about $25,000. we paid about $12,000 for it. look through your cabinet, look everywhere, you don't know what you're liable to find.

>> good luck with the show. you can catch hard core pawn.

>> i look young. i get it.

>> " hard core pawn" tuesday nights.