TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

KLG, Hoda get pranked by fake boy band

The Tenderloins, creators of the truTV show “Impractical Jokers,” trick Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb by making them believe they are the next boy-band sensation, visiting Studio 1A to perform a song called “Let’s Get Sexy.” April Fool!

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>> they don't look like your typical boy band , but the tenderloins, man meat hoda calls them, are already youtube sensations and about to perform here on national television for the very first time.

>> they're debuting their original single "let's get sexy" off their self-titled album "let's get sexy." they are sal, joe, brian and james.

>> they're in order.

>> are you brothers?

>> where did the name come from, the tenderloins? some people think of other things at times like this.

>> meat.

>> we first started singing in high school . someone called and said we don't have a name yet. and it stuck.

>> hold your mike so we can hear you. what kind of music were you singing in high school ?

>> it is a lot of hip-hop, rap, r andb we do.

>> all that stuff?

>> it is good. sure.

>> what is your favorite rap song?

>> anything by the wu- tang clan .

>> i love them.

>> we grew up on staten island .

>> thank you, all.

>> did they write moon river ? just kidding. you're phenomenons. why haven't you been on our show yet.

>> we wanted to forever. this is a dream come true for us.

>> what are you going to sing for us?

>> youtube, actually, made it possible.

>> what are you going to sing?

>> "let's get sexy," our song.

>> all right. let's hear it. let's hear it.

>> man meat, the tenderloins.

>> that's when he goes.

>> i was supposed to turn around.

>> no, turn back.

>> can we edit that out?

>> we can cut that out.

>> we'll cut that out.

>> can we start from the top?

>> no!

>> sorry. just cut that out.

>> just turn around when i turn around.

>> what are you doing? what are you doing?

>> one shot. and this is what's happening.

>> you said before that's when i turned around.

>> i know. we're here for a reason --

>> why are you --

>> that's what i want to know.

>> we should tell them, it's april fool 's.

>> oh!

>> we got you.

>> you had no clue.

>> the minute you turned around, and --

>> come on.

>> the sad part is i kind of like the song a little bit.

>> thank you. thank you.

>> thank you so much.

>> are we -- is my mom on the line?

>> no.

>> yes. okay.

>> i think my mother is on the line. she took umbrage of what you said to her.

>> hello, mrs. -- mom? okay.

>> you heard my mother's dial tone .

>> i didn't know who broke up with whom. okay. you were the one --

>> who cares about that? i'm talking about my mother's stuffing.

>> i'm exhausted. anyway, these guys -- you can catch them on "impractical jokers" thursday on trutv.