TODAY   |  March 31, 2014

Pasta and shrimp: Feed family of 4 on $10 or less

Dietitian Frances Largeman-Roth suggests how to feed a family of four for $10 or less with some delicious and easy-to-prepare meals, including pasta with shrimp and tomato-caper sauce.

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>>> thyme, get the leaves off the thyme properly.

>> we're very busy over here. how does this sound to you? feed a family of four for less than $10.

>> and delicious recipes from "cooking light" magazine and a contributor and registered dietitian and mommy to be this summer. good morning. good to see you.

>> good morning. good to see you guys.

>> love this.

>> the idea here is under $10, we're going to use shrimp, tuna, chicken all separately, right?

>> absolutely. you can have a beautiful meal. you don't have to skimp on the protein or leave the protein out. the trick is to use the proteins judiciously. so then you're combining it with cheaper things like pasta and potatoes and bread to stretch the meal.

>> already cooking, willie, if you could drain that. and we've got our beautiful shrimp here. shrimp really only took a total of four minutes --

>> on each side?

>> two minutes on each side. you want a nice sere on this. take them out of the pan.

>> cooking them on the commercial break.

>> they're beautiful. let me dump this out.

>> what kind of shrimp is this?

>> this is medium. and we're using frozen shrimp to cut down the cost.

>> frozen okay?

>> frozen, it's still a great quality.

>> nice.

>> great flavor. and we're wiping out the pan. and adding in our onion --

>> and these are the key ingredients to keep --

>> exactly. and this is coming into season. the zucchini. we've got a cup of zucchini there. crushed red pepper and three cloves of garlic we're adding in and capers. capers are going to add a really nice brine --

>> i now keep capers in my refrigerator. and they stay for a while.

>> good with bagels, too.

>> those are canned tomatoes ?

>> yeah, 20-ounce can of tomatoes. and this is the result here. let's get rid of this ugly piece right here. this is looking great. and willie, if you can pass down the pasta, we'll toss it. and this is 8 ounces of cooked pasta.

>> nice.

>> and you're going to toss this and make sure we've got plenty of our beautiful sauce covering that.

>> and all that together is less than $10.

>> $2.48 per person. and this is the most expensive one we have today.

>> okay.

>> that's beautiful.

>> nice and filling.

>> yes.

>> and makes great leftovers.

>> you know what, we've got to add the shrimp.

>> we've got to add the shrimp.

>> you can do it both ways. not everyone loves shrimp.

>> yeah.

>> and a little basil and done and done. and this is our tuna melt . and it's actually really nice because we've already melted the cheese underneath. you get the cheesiness underneath, but the beautiful fresh tuna salad on top. one can of tuna for four people and cherry tomatoes.

>> and avocado.

>> and we've got a chicken. you want to go with the whole chicken. the more processed and broken down it is, the more expensive it's going to be. when you start taking the skin off for you, taking the bones out. better off with the whole chicken.

>> and you can use with other dishes.

>> you can make soup out of the bones.

>> what did you do there?

>> grated the lemons and did a rub under the skin. nice and simple and more zest on to the potatoes. $2.33.

>> can't go wrong with that.