TODAY   |  March 07, 2014

Tell us your favorite pick-me-up songs

A study finds that 5 percent of people can’t find pleasure in music. Share the songs you love to get down to by tweeting us with the hashtag #OrangeRoom. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>> interesting study we found out yesterday at the university of barcelona. 5% of the people don't react when they hear good music.

>> they were doing a scientific study on people to see their ability to get pleasure from hearing music. and actually found out there is a condition called specific musical anhedonia, the inability to find any pleasure in music. it does exist, sad to say, in 5% of people affected. they found when they played songs like "september," people's heart rate didn't move, didn't get excited at all, nothing was happening. that was interesting to us. we want to know your pick me up songs. what do you hear like this that makes us feel good instantly?

>> i'm on top of the world , hey!

>> well, that's nice.

>> i might be one of those 5%, sadly.

>> by the way --

>> anything reggae for me, that's my happy place . the beach in jamaica.

>> "dancing queen."

>> if you want so see where you fall, there is a quiz. you can take this to see if you're one of those 5%. go to the website, check that out. #orangeroom, songs that make you feel happy. and we'll share them later in the half hour.

>> wasn't anhedonia the place where the marx brothers were in that movie?

>> more things i don't understand from you, al.