TODAY   |  January 13, 2014

Awkward seating at Golden Globes goes viral

In TODAY’s Take, Al Roker recaps the Golden Globes. Al says that positioning some of the big winners in the back of the award ceremony made for some awkward television that went viral on the Web.

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>>> natalie morales and willie geist live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> welcome to "today" on this monday morning, this january 13th , 2014 . the morning after the golden globes . i'm willie geist along with natalie morales . al just now rolling in from the golden globe parties. he's in l.a. this morning where he's been hanging with the beautiful people . you chief among them, of course.

>> you're so beautiful, al.

>> well, yeah, that and savannah. savannah, one of the beautiful people .

>> no question.

>> did you see her dress last night?

>> stunning. i loved it.

>> she looked incredible.

>> tamron, as well. and matt looking very dapper.

>> i loved yours.

>> well, i had people call it deep purple , a little throwback to the '60s there, eggplant, and obejene.

>> so you are hanging out with some heavy weights in hollywood . in fact, you documented with a number of selfies i was following you watching it.

>> like a selfie palooza.

>> on the one hand, i felt kind of geeky doing it, but it's one of those moments. amy adams , you know, of course, winning best actress in a musical or comedy for " american hustle ," and then the spectacularly beautiful keri washington in that beautiful pale green . and, of course, she's expecting. in fact, she said she had the best date with her because she literally was carrying her date along. a guy we saw a little earlier in the -- toward the end of the 8:00 hour, james spader who was nominated for best --

>> love spader.

>> -- actor in a tv drama . he's just so -- and leo. how do you not take a picture with leonardo dicaprio ? come on. and, i think, one of the -- if not the most stunning woman on the red carpet yesterday, it was a toss-up, i believe between her and cate blanchett was lupita nn nyong.

>> i said immediately, al nailed this one. you predicted it in the " usa today " poll. i was like, al got it. she looked unbelievably stunning. so statuesque and gorgeous.

>> and, of course, you know, everybody was expecting -- you know, after their stint last year, tina fey and amy poehler , could they top what they did last year? and, man, did they knock it out of the park? check it out.

>> hosting the golden globes for the second time. thank you. thank you.

>> thank you.

>> because this is hollywood and if something kind of works, they'll keep doing it until everybody hates it.

>> on any other night in any other room, you'd be a big deal . but tonight you're basically a garbage person.

>> gravity is nominated for best film . it's the story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. meryl streep so brilliant in

"august: osage county ," proving there's still great parts in hollywood for meryl streep 's over 60.

>> i wanted more of them. i felt like the show needed more amy , more tina .

>> you know, you are absolutely correct. and the interesting thing, you know, other people were ripping off their jokes. matt damon came up, he said, hi, i'm your garbage man who forgot his glasses. and the bit they did, you know, where tina -- i should say amy played tina 's child from an earlier relationship. and trying to figure out. she said one of you out there is this child's father. and amy goes up --

>> and ends on harvey weinstein .

>> and it was so many great moments.

>> if you look at the night "snl" had, andy samberg won best actor in a comedy. got jimmy up there, seth up there and lorne michaels sitting with cut aways, yes.

>> you know he's thinking, i am is the god of comedy.

>> he sure is.

>> if i -- if i put my hand on you, you will be a star. and you know what, he's got the touch.

>> golden touch .

>> a lot of times with andy samberg , you'll see this fake surprise for actors and actresses, he was genuinely stunned to get up there. he was not prepared. i don't think anyone saw that coming, least of all him, apparently.

>> you know what, there were a number of people who were talking about this show about six weeks ago. and that it was building. and that this was the one -- if there was going to be a dark horse in the comedy category, it was going to be brooklyn 99. and fox, you know fox believed in it because it's going to get that post super bowl slot. so talk about momentum.

>> well, it's a new show and it sprung on people. good for andy samberg , good for "snl." you were looking at the highlights.

>> some of the fashions, yeah, as any girl and guys check them out, as well.

>> sure.

>> i loved -- we already talked about lupita, i thought she was fantastic. i think the pregnant stars looked amazing as we saw keri washington and olivia wilde looked stunning.

>> looks great.

>> amazing, amazing. she looks like olivia pope pregnant.

>> drew barrymore pregnant, as well.

>> i loved margo robby, the australian actress from "wolf of wall street ." this was old hollywood glam and cate blanchett for me wins overall for the night. and that cut in the back when you see her turn around, amazing.

>> i agree with both of you about lupita, she was one as we watched the pre-show. she's such a new face, a lot of people don't know who she was. a lot of people were gasping. she's stunningly beautiful and her dress was great. i thought she was the run away star of the night.

>> and you know what, guys. a lot of the guys really stepped up. there was a lot of color. matthew mcconaughey looked terrific. there were a lot of great tuxedos out there on the red carpet .

>> you want to go there? paula patton . check it out.

>> not a favorite look of mine is paula patton .

>> no?

>> and i think a lot of people took to twitter on this one. a lot of people saying it looks like this is what happens when i try to fold a fitted sheet is what somebody tweeted. another person said paula patton 's dress is the real polar vortex .

>> yes.

>> i think the dress was a little overwhelming for her. she's so beautiful and has an incredible physique that you add the whole thing that was going on here. what is that thing going on here?

>> i don't know what that was. but my view is you do so many of these shows, take a shot at something. and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

>> for the length of time it would take somebody to get on the stage, she could take a nap.

>> she looks great. she's always beautiful, though.

>> she does.

>> you imagine the winners getting the stage. as people watch this show and follow it on twitter. i don't know if the seating chart was such or the organization of the room, it took brian cranston .

>> you knew the guy was going to win.

>> everybody predicted that.

>> 48 agonizing seconds for him to get up there.

>> seems like they put all the winners in the back.

>> well, i guess --

>> andy samberg is having to weave his way through people and make his way up the stage. i mean, it just took an eternity.

>> well, the deal is, they put tv -- you've got your leonardo dicaprios and others up front.

>> she was in the back.

>> she was in the back.

>> tom hanks was in the