TODAY   |  January 06, 2014

Give me 5! Catching up with Derrico quintuplets

Last fall, the Derrico family grew from four to nine children when quintuplets arrived. TODAY takes viewers inside their home to see how the family is adjusting to the new additions.

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>>> we've got an update now on a very large family we met last fall. with the arrival of quintuplets, they went from four kids to nine overnight. now they're all under one roof. kristen dahlgren paid them a visit.

>> reporter: welcome to the home of quintuplets. that's 3-year-old derek keeping tabs. there's also 2-year-old twins dallas and denver and 8-year-old darin.

>> is it hard to keep track?

>> yes, it is hard. i won't even lie. it's hard.

>> dion and nevon always wished for a big family.

>> look at you guys, you're still smiling.

>> barely.

>> reporter: life has changed since the quints left intensive care for their las vegas home.

>> they've gotten so big.

>> they have. our biggest is mr. derek over here. and he is 8 1/2 almost 9 pounds.

>> and remember little dayton, just 3 pounds when i held her back in october.

>> look at you up to 7 pounds .

>> of course, you know what growing babies mean, feeding every three hours. that's 40 bottles a day and diapers more than 100.

>> lo and behold, you change them and then you finish and go through the next one and then you realize you did it all over again.

>> reporter: it can make for some challenging times , like thanksgiving.

>> just to go to dinner, we packed the night before.

>> four cars, nine kids, the only thing they forgot --

>> we forgot to put our shoes on.

>> no shoes.

>> neither one of us had shoes on, just socks.

>> mom and dad take it all in stride. only one thing worries them.

>> i don't want any of them to grow up thinking they didn't get enough love.

>> that doesn't seem to be a problem. the older kids can't get enough of the quints, even helping out.

>> i'm starting to smell something. you got this?

>> i got it. i can handle it.

>> so with them all handling it so well, could there be even more some day? they're not ruling it out. but for now --

>> i'm on strike. i'm on strike.

>> i tell people, do not try this at home.

>> they look so peaceful in that last shot.

>> they've got the right attitude.

>> they do. what a great family.

>> and so does kristen passing off the diapers.

>>> up next, we've got a man who only ate mcdonald's for 90 days and he lost nearly 40 pounds doing it.

>>> and then,