TODAY   |  January 01, 2014

Mark your calendars for these 2014 release dates

Ramin Setoodeh, senior editor for Variety, builds buzz for the hottest movies, TV shows and music in the coming year, including the film “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and a possible new album by singer Mariah Carey.

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>> throw in huge new albums and late night musical chairs, you have the makings of one big year.

>> here for what to watch out for, happy new year.

>> happy new year, guys.

>> let's get started with films. a lot of remakes and other movies coming out starting with x-men days of the future past .

>> this premise is a little tricky . there's been seven x-men movies. but through time travel all the grown up x-men reunite with their younger self-s. so you have them in the same movie. you have hugh jackman as wolverine. all the characters are in this big x -men movie. it will be one of big movies of the summer.

>> that comes out may 23rd .

>> also in may we have malificent. it's a family affair. her daughter is in it.

>> she plays young aurora and elle fanning plays her when she is growing up. it's her first dip into the acting waters and she looks scary in it. i don't know if young children can go to this movie but older ones will appreciate it.

>> coming up in october, gone girl was a huge book.

>> i loved that book. it was so good.

>> david fincher is directing the movie. and she is the star and ben afleck is the husband who may or may not have done something wrong. it's a great thriller. we'll see how it's adapted on to the big screen .

>> it was such a good book. catching fire did huge numbers at the box office this past year. there's another hunger games to look forward to.

>> we're only 11 months away. mark your calendars from the third hunger games.

>> just 11 months away. they have taken the third book and they have divided it like harry potter into two different movies. the first movie comes out in november and the next one in 2015 .

>> lots of fun.

>> robocop coming back.

>> yes.

>> robocop is back. started in 1987 . we'll see how he does. there's high hopes for this.

>> is there any word about a cameo in this?

>> i don't know. do you think he should?

>> bring him back.

>> what is he doing? have you talked to him?

>> he does a lot of voice over . a lot of cartoon voices. he was just in a great remake, a batman animated movie.

>> how do you know that?

>> i watch a lot of animation and i look at the credits.

>> useless knowledge.

>> robocop february 12th . later in the year, teenage mutant ninja turtles .

>> now they're back in a live action version produced by michael bay . he made up with megan fox who he fired from transformers. can you name the turtles?

>> rafael, leonardo.

>> i'm like leonardo.

>> rafael has the red.

>> they love pizza.

>> now are they cji?

>> they're going to be -- she is live and -- it's a mix of the two.

>> because megan has been really busy because this is great for her.

>> she has been busy having babies.

>> good for her.

>> that's good. let's move on to the small screen talking about tv. golden globes coming up fairly soon on january 12th . amy poehler and tina fey back together.

>> they were so good last year people are very excited that they're back for a second time and i think it's going to be a race between the two front runners right now or 12 years a slave and american hustle that got seven nominations. it will be interesting to see how they duke it out.

>> 12 years a slave everybody was expecting. american hustle , amazing cast. people are surprised it's doing as well as it did.

>> it's having a surge now. people are enjoying it.

>> david r. russell. he's got his hits, right.

>> those golden globes will tell us a lot about what happens at the oscar.

>> they're like the iowa caucus of award season.

>> we have ellen hosting.

>> she's back too. she is back hosting at the oscars. that's in march. she's a good host.

>> it's the year of the ladies.

>> so the voice is back. 6th season. who is in the coaches chair this time. kristina and ceelo are stepping back again and we're having shakira and usher returning to their judge's seats. it's a little bit of a rotation but they were so good when they did it, a lot of fans are excited about that.

>> i'm happy to see them back.

>> the show doesn't lose much. both groups are so good.

>> they each add -- they're all great.

>> and blake is still drinking.

>> that's all that matters.

>> and then you have j.lo back on american idol .

>> yes. idol had a rough year last year with nikki minaj and mariah carey fighting.

>> much so.

>> viewership took a big dip.

>> is idol over?

>> it's up to j. lo . if they don't do well, i think the franchise will be in danger.

>> interesting.

>> too many singing competitions.

>> there's a lot of them.

>> and only the really good ones are on nbc.

>> that's true.

>> there you go. a plug for us. speaking of great shows coming back, hbo has girls coming back a few weeks from now. also veep is going to be returning.

>> "girls" had an emotional series finale . they're interested. and "veep" is back this spring.

>> we have a big development here at nbc jaly leno is handing the reigns to jimmy fallon and jimmy fallon to seth myers .

>> there's great anticipation for both shows.

>> quickly in music, what should we look forward to?

>> a strange album coming out today. it's lady gaga and tony bennett doing an entire album of jazz duets. they now have a whole record.

>> i bet it sounds terrific.

>> i bet it's amazing.

>> i can't wait for that, the boss new album.

>> his 8th studio album --

>> 18th.

>> 18th studio album called high hopes and then we also -- i'm hoping that mariah carey who delayed this for two years, i'm hoping she's going to release it in 2014 .

>> happy new year again. thank