TODAY   |  December 02, 2013

Social media rallies around boy who needed glasses

After four-year-old Noah Fisher complained about having to wear glasses, his mother took to social media for help, who provided in an unimaginable way. The family joins the anchors on TODAY to talk about the heartwarming response.

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>> trending on facebook , we do have a little boy , it's a great story that needed glasses. when noah fisher learned he would have to wear glasses to school, he burst into tears. his mom created a page asking people to show him how awesome glasses are by posing pictures for him. well, the response was enormous. noah fisher joins us with his parents. good morning to all of you guys.

>> hey.

>> so cute.

>> hey.

>> noah i love your glasses. those are so stylist. tell me --

>> thank you.

>> awe.

>> charming.

>> he is. where did this idea come about to post this on the facebook page and get this kind of response?

>> well, the first morning we went to put on his glasses he just broke into tears out of nowhere and he said that people are going to make fun of him and laugh at him. so i just posted a picture on my personal facebook page and a lot of my friends shared pictures of themselves in glasses and one friend actually recommended i start a facebook page. so i just put it into action and it took off.

>> and now noah , if you can hear me, how do you feel about these glasses? do you like them?

>> uh-huh.

>> you should like them. you look handsome in those things. you really do.

>> thank you.

>> what were some of your favorite photos that you received back, parents.

>> well, i liked the hulk one. we saw a guy with an alligator which he was excited about.

>> alligator.

>> he liked the alligator.

>> i know you like super heros with glasses, right? i think you have a couple of pictures there of the super heros ?

>> yeah, yeah.

>> spongebob.

>> that's cute.

>> oh, superman. that's a good one.

>> he looked much better with glass.

>> and there's the hulk.

>> and who is that?

>> santa claus .

>> do you have advice to other parents dealing with something similar to this.

>> just to give them time and really they're welcome to go to the page and look at pictures of other people. it really did help noah .