TODAY   |  December 01, 2013

Recovery efforts begin in Scotland pub accident

Debris is being removed and recovery efforts are underway at a pub in Scotland, where at least eight people died when the police chopper fell from the sky, crashing in to the packed bar Friday night. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>> this morning for victims of that deadly helicopter crash in scotland saturday. annabel roberts is in glasgow with the very latest. annabel , good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. it has been very busy here at the crash site with a constant stream of people coming to lay flowers. now, police say they have pulled one body from the wreckage this morning. three people -- three of the dead have been identified. since first light, they've been at work on the roof of the pub. carefully removing the wreckage of the broken helicopter. people struggling to believe this has happened in their city. at least eight people died here when the police chopper fell from the sky like a stone according to one eyewitness. crashing into the packed bar friday night. police say they still do not know if more bodies are trapped inside.

>> i have to ask you to imagine the situation where the helicopter has come down and is almost literally sitting in the middle of the building. and until that is resolved, we can't know everything that is in that building.

>> reporter: at churches across glasgow this morning, they've come to mourn.

>> we pray for those who have tragically lost their lives in this incident, and we pray for our city of glasgow .

>> reporter: the question they're asking, how could this happen in a busy city center ? police say it will take some time to put the pieces together and provide answers. a full investigation has been launched into this fatal accident. the people really have one key question, how could this have happened? andrea.

>> thank you, annabel .