TODAY   |  November 26, 2013

Kelly Clarkson: My ‘gut’ says my baby will be a girl

The popular singer talks with Savannah Guthrie about her Christmas album, her marriage and her pregnancy. Though she has no medical confirmation of what gender her baby will be, Clarkson says she has a “gut feeling” the child will be a girl.

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>> grammy winner kelly clarkson here. she is a new mom to be and out with her new album. wrapped in red. kelly is wrapped in red this morning.

>> i am.

>> congratulations on the baby that you are expecting.

>> thank you.

>> are you feeling good?

>> nope. i don't even call it morning sickness because it's all day and all night. but i'm super excited. i'm just looking forward to the second trimester. they say it's better.

>> it's hard to sing when you're sick at your stomach.

>> yeah. well, yeah.

>> you did interviews recently and you talked about wanting to have a baby. were you dying to tell the world?

>> yeah, some of them i wasn't pregnant but some of them i was pregnant and i was just dying to tell people but we were trying to wait until the end of my first trimester because you're supposed to. but everybody kept, you know, talking about it and i had to cancel something because i had been so ill. i didn't want people to think i was cancelling and lazy or something so we just told people.

>> you had a really good reason.

>> i heard that you are convinced you're having a girl.

>> now do you know something we don't.

>> no, i'm way too early to know. but scientifically i say -- this is going to be way too much information.

>> we want to hear it.

>> they say if it's like later, like after you ovulate, girl sperm lasts longer than boy sperm and mine was late. there's a scientific reason why i think i'm having a girl.

>> so it's not just a gut feeling .

>> it's a gut feeling because she's killing me.

>> we already have a name for girl or boy.

>> you do.

>> we're not saying because i don't want somebody to steal my baby name . i'm still early.

>> you are very prepared.

>> we named our kid before we were even pregnant.

>> this baby was in your dreams already.

>> i manifest really well.

>> actually i was reading this interview you did recently in parade magazine and you talked about meeting brandon and the right guy and you said that you were pathetically alone for seven years before meeting him and i think a lot of people can relate to that but not believe that was true about you.

>> no, it was a good six and a half. but i think it's because -- our job is so not normal. we're on the go all the time. it's hard to date. and what's great about brandon is he is a manager. so totally gets what i do. he can do his job from the road so he can be with me sometimes.

>> it's good material for song writing .

>> i have already written songs. he's like so this is going to happen all the time.

>> he better watch out.

>> i've already written a couple he is loving.

>> he has a song on the new album. the christmas album ichl.

>> i wrote it. you can be more cheesey on a christmas album . i wrote it with a couple of friends.

>> was it fun to do a christmas album ? it does open the flood gates .

>> and you're not limited. in my career, especially since idol, everybody is like are you pop, are you country? are you rock? that's what is best. there's everything from broadway stuff. there's have yourself a merry little christmas , blues stuff, and there's just a little bit of everything on it.

>> was it hard to pick among all the classics? there's so many good christmas songs .

>> it was and it wasn't. i have been making this cd in my head for years. but we wanted to have -- i hate when you buy an album and all the songs sound the same. i feel jipped. that's not my album.

>> you have a christmas special coming up.

>> just finished taping.

>> yeah.

>> which was fun while being pregnant and sick.

>> and you had matt lauer as a guest star .

>> he's in it.

>> how did he do?

>> he did so great. he's the turning point of my christmas special .

>> we have a lot more to hear from you. you're going to sing for us in a few minutes.

>> yeah.

>> if you need to take a break.