TODAY   |  November 19, 2013

Walmart defends food drive for its employees

A photo of a sign soliciting donations to a Thanksgiving food drive for Walmart employees spurred controversy Monday, with critics saying the retail giant should instead raise their employees’ salaries. The company defended the drive, saying it helps employees deal with family issues “you can’t plan for.”

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>>> a question for you. is it the holiday spirit or out outrage? one walmart store in ohio is collecting food for employees. they set up storage bins with a sign that read please donate food items here so that associates in need can enjoy thanksgiving dinner . now that sounds like an admission that walmart doesn't pay employees a living wage and that is a charge that dogged the company for years. walmart calls the food drive proof of its effort to take care of employees.

>> it's a big battle and debate there.

>> they're one of the most successful companies. money wise and the family that owns it you would think there would be an effort to help from higher up.

>> you hate to see someone get criticized for trying to help people in need but there's larger issue here and people know that.

>> yeah the minimum wage issue.

>> and walmart says they look at it as perhaps if there's a two-family home, the spouse lost a job so it's not, they believe on their shoulders.