TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Ambush! 2 lucky ladies get transformed

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and People magazine contributing editor Jill Martin pluck two lucky women off the TODAY plaza and give them amazing transformations.

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>>> we are back with more on "today" on this thirsty thursday. we have two lovely ladies off our plaza.

>> working their hair, makeup magic as always.

>> you know the song. sing along . louis licarri.

>> author, jill martin.

>> so much contributing going on.

>> there's a lot of that happening.

>> it was chilly this morning, hats and gloves on.

>> definitely. we were talking how we have to definitely get our winter coats out.

>> yes.

>> oddly enough we found two ladies from upstate new york who are so used to the cold today was probably a spring day for them.

>> balmy.

>> the first one is pat van ormon. she's from auburn, new york. she wants a, quote, better looking everything. now that she's 65 she wants to turn it on.

>> wahoo.

>> listen to her story.

>> it's a girls' trip and what a treat, right?

>> yes. yes.

>> okay. so, first, why does pat deserve this?

>> well, just today this morning pat was telling me how her hair doesn't have the curl that it used to have. and she says, i really need something to be done.

>> okay.

>> so this is perfect timing.

>> perfect.

>> somebody must have heard me. perfect.

>> i know your husband is watching. what will he think?

>> he's going to be very happy for me. yes, he will. we've been married 45 years and a new look is good.

>> surprise!

>> all right. she is here with her friend joanne who's actually also getting made over and two others who are here, jane and jenny.

>> they are trouble, those two. you can tell.

>> ladies, please keep on your blindfold. here is pat van ormon before.

>> pat, let's see you.

>> wow!

>> all right. are you ready?

>> take off your blind folds.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> ready, pat? turn around.

>> oh, my god!

>> so hip.

>> you are hip.

>> you're happening.

>> spin right around and look at camera 12.

>> wow.

>> tell us about the hair.

>> well, i just wanted to give this upstate girl some glam. lightened her hair. bridgette gave her this great haircut. it accents her eyes and cheek bones . her two best facial features. you look beautiful.

>> what do you guys think?

>> love it! gorgeous.

>> jill, tell us about the leather.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> she actually picked this out.

>> where are you going? don't go away. don't go away.

>> we love a little leather. this is from andrew mark. it's a great layering piece. you can wear it over and the jeans are nydj. you can wear spanx to give you that little bit.

>> like we did.

>> a little bit of extra shape. just sayin'.

>> big round of applause.

>> thank you.

>> face the wall if you wouldn't mind.

>> your other friend is coming out. her name is joanne vanschaick. when we asked her what her daily routine was she said, well, nothing. she was thrilled for this opportunity to get a brand-new style. let's take a listen to her style.

>> okay. it's joanne 's turn. pat, you tell me why you want this for her.

>> because joanne is one of the most nicest, most generous people i've ever known in my life and she deserves everything.

>> it's already a love fest . what do you think about this whole new look?

>> oh, my goodness. i'm so excited because i have had the same hairdo for like 30 years.

>> i love them. group hug . next time you see them you are going to look totally different.

>> oh, my god.

>> oh, my goodness.

>> i can't believe it.

>> all righty. she's here with her friends. pat, jane and jenny. all righty. let's take one last look at joanne . and let's bring out joanne vanschaick.

>> whew!

>> all righty, ladies. take off your blind folds and you can turn around now, pat.

>> oh, my gosh, joanne ! i love it.

>> wow.

>> you want to take a look at your self? there you go.

>> look at her.

>> what a great laugh she has.

>> who is this?

>> look at the difference there. yes. all right, louis.

>> this proves that blond isn't always the answer. going darker works so much better on you. you look so pretty. what we did is we worked with the color, bridgette did. she worked with it giving her swept away bangs. the new pallet, all of the soft, warm colors.

>> that dress, that lace dress.

>> i love that.

>> this is great for the holidays.

>> i love it.

>> this is by maggie london. if you have a smaller waist, put a thicker belt. beige or gold shoes.

>> what do you think?

>> beautiful. just gorgeous.

>> why don't you step right up here.