TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

Tips and tricks for last-minute holiday travel

Jeanenne Tornatore, Orbitz senior travel editor, advises flying on Thanksgiving Day to avoid high fees and crowded airports.

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>> jeannine.

>> we love her.

>> you say it's important to book right away.

>> it is. there's 50% of travelers going who haven't booked yet. prices are only going to go up. there's going to be no sales this year on prices for airfares over the holidays. you want to book now if you haven't already.

>> now, they say -- we always wonder if there's a good day to buy tickets. is there a good one?

>> those rules kind of go out the window when come also to the holidays it the busiest travel day for thanksgiving is wednesday, the day before, everyone's leaving town. if you're willing to fly on thanksgiving morning, you can still get there before your turkey dinner . chicago to atlanta, you'll save $72 if you fly on thanksgiving morning versus that day before.

>> what about tuesday, if you could get off the day?

>> it's really wednesday sunday are the busiest and most expensive days to travel over the weekend.

>> if you're trying to figure out whether you can fly for thanksgiving or christmas, is there a better option?

>> in terms of airports?

>> yes.

>> really, in looking at all the airports within a 60 to 90 mile radius, you should do both in your destination as well as your origin cities because there are a lot of times smaller airports that are cheaper. parking and traffic is better. san francisco to phoenix, you're going to save $68 if you fly to oakland versus san francisco international over the holidays.

>> but then you have to rent a car or you got to drive further?

>> oftentimes. sometimes if you're driving your car, parking can be cheaper at these smaller aerpt airports and traffic may not be as bad.

>> what about people who have points and travel rewards, things like that?

>> $16 billion in loyalty points every year are kind of left on the table. so the trouble people run into over the holidays are blackout dates and restrictions. you want to see what your program offers. or if it's a new loyalty program where you can earn them immediately, so that's what you want to look for over the holidays.

>> you talk about avoid connecting flights.

>> takes all day.

>> the amount of money, is it worth it, with the time of your life ?

>> that's the big thing you have to weigh. if budget's your big concern, you want to look at them, but at the same time, over the holidays, there are more delays. the other thing is, you don't want to get stuck in an airport in a city that's completely unfamiliar to you.

>> time to spend with the people you love that you're traveling to see.

>> exactly.

>> you're a sweetheart.

>> we appreciate it.