TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

Dress up your devices with help from Bobbie Thomas

Dress up your digital duds with TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas. She highlights some of her favorite tech accessories, including decals for your laptop and privacy screens for smartphones and tablets.

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>>> it is time for bobbie's buzz. whether you're looking to trick out your tech toys or unplug, there are a couple of options out there.

>> here is author of "the power of style," bobbie thomas.

>> hello, ladies. i'm going to convince you some of this might be cool.

>> i'm so into tech now. i'm jane jensen . podcast and everything.

>> when you're on your cell phone , sometimes people you don't know are standing next to you on street, they can see what you're doing what you're surfing. 3-m has privacy screens now for mobiles and tablets. when i'm looking at it, you can't see it from the other angle.

>> not at all.

>> yes, because hoda likes to you know what download stuff.

>> this is really cool. they have these sheets you can cut to your own phone. they have galaxy, iphone, whatever. i have a problem in my office i think a lot of people do. with apple being so popular, there are so many laptops that are silver that look identical and people have swapped and taken the wrong computer. these decals you can 1.$99 and up. also amazon. you can get either whimsy like the girls in my office like or leather and these skins not only protect but id and also these keyboard covers are great.

>> so you don't get shmutz in your keyboard.

>> you can wrap your phone in this. and then little henry who has even spawned a girlfriend, not henrietta.

>> hetta.

>> this is a vacuum for