TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

9-year-old electrocuted during Halloween storms

A 9-year-old boy was electrocuted by fallen power lines outside of Nashville during a Halloween night of severe storms across the country. Texas cities also felt nature’s brute force with flash flooding that waterlogged streets and swamped more than 600 homes.

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>> but first, today's top story. it's the powerful storms making a mess of the morning here in the east and are being blamed for this frightening scene in kansas . a school bus carrying kids ran off a bridge into a creek. they were safely rescued but the bus is still in the water this morning. john yang is in chicago for us with more on the storms. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. millions of americans are waking up to commuting and travel headaches as those high winds hit the east coast still going through the midwest too. and that's going to ripple through the air travel system including big hubs like here at chicago o'hare. but overnight, as the storm moved east, it turned deadly. overnight the halloween storms that ravaged most of the country turned deadly when a 9-year-old boy was he electric cuuted by fallen power lines and died outside of nashville. and it swept away cars.

>> everything is gone. i have seen everything float by.

>> reporter: residents and their pets were rescued by boat and helicopter. some barely escaped with their lives and the clothes on their backs.

>> i lost complete and total control and coming up and down out of the water. and i seriously -- i saw two of my dogs wash away.

>> reporter: she fears her 18 horses also drowned. in houston, streets were waterlogged and trees came down. across the midwest it was a soggy halloween .

>> it doesn't really matter. i just go trick or treating with my umbrella.

>> trick or treat .

>> reporter: some places moved trick or treating earlier to beat the storm.

>> there's no need to put a child at risk.

>> reporter: in kentucky halloween became malloween. children going store to store.

>> because of the weather, people say these kids need a place to trick or treat .

>> reporter: while most kids were getting ready to go trick or treating , a group of student as board a school bus in douglas, kansas got a big scare. the bus flipped over into a creek and got submerged in fast moving water.

>> water came in the bus. and then i needed some help.

>> reporter: all ten students got out safely increasing reese alexander who was home in time to go trick or treating with his sister. and in kansas , officials are investigating trying to figure out why that bus driver tried to cross that bridge with all of that rushing water flowing over the bridge, savannah.

>>> all right, john yang , thank