TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Kathie Lee and Hoda go bobbing for hard apple cider

It’s no trick: These treats are deviously delicious! Ray Isle of Food and Wine Magazine provides the best snacks and spirits for Halloween night, including Angry Orchard hard cider and lychee eyeballs.

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>> really?

>> moderate alcohol. same level as beer. cider has become a great alternative. and so also you need wine. also. the fangs are hard to talk with. you need wine for halloween .

>> there's a global shortage. what are we going to do.

>> stock up.

>> buy it before someone else does. merlot from washington state . 12 bucks. happens to have a great black pitchfork on it perfect for halloween .

>> very acidic.

>> it's delicious.

>> then, also for halloween you need punch of some kind. parents need something, the kids get candy. that is apple brandi and apple cider .

>> the whole thing?

>> the whole thing. brandi hold back on if you want.

>> i'll hold back on the cider.

>> this is a version of sangria. it looks healthy.

>> you know the origin of sangria. blood.

>> try that. that's good.

>> it's terrific.

>> you also need a little halloween decoration for your drinks. and what we did for "food and wine" we came up with the idea you take lychees and put brandied cherries and eyeballs.

>> blood shot eyeballs.

>> put them in there. pour a little lychee syrup and freeze them and then you get this cool eye ball and put it in your drink. in this case you have a raspberry liquor and apple cider . a nice color. it reminds me of blood. you float a little --

>> what's morrow man tick than eyeballs in your glass.

>> why not

>> here's looking at you.

>> and, of course you need some snacks. and what you need for snacks is these beautiful fingers. you can try them. they are great. cheddar cracker with an almond finger nail . totally easy to make. 20, 30 minutes in the oven. these are rice krispie treats but made for adults but they are spies i with cumin, and delicious. they are seasonally candy corn for those of us who actually enjoy cocktails.

>> thank you so much. what your dressing up tonight, ray?

>> don't know. you have a beautiful neck.