TODAY   |  October 21, 2013

President to address Obamacare site issues

With the government reopened, President Obama will discuss what he’s doing to fix problems with the site Monday, as tech experts call for a complete overhaul. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>> reporter: going to speak at a rose garden event this morning. it's to help resuscitate the badly flawed lunch of the health care law . he will address the glitches with his administration already promising what it calls a tech surge to tackle the problem. even the white house admits the launch of its health care law has been unacceptable.

>> i think there's no one more frustrated than the president at the difficulty in the website.

>> reporter: tech experts insist the health care .gov website needs a total overall with usa today reporting the feature to allow comparison shopping was built using 10-year-old technology. with health and human services secretary a prime target for the law's critics, her department posted this blog sunday saying it's enlisted some of the best and brightest from inside and outside government to help resolve the technical glitches. glitches that even the president's allies fear could discourage the healthy young people they need from signing up.

>> there's not enough money to go around to pay for insurance too right now.

>> reporter: still administration officials insist nearly a half million people already filed applications but they refuse to say how many have enrolled. even after the shutdown debacle republicans remain united in their opposition to obama care but firmly divided over the strategy.

>> there will not be another government shutdown . you can count on that.

>> reporter: but senator ted cruz that spear headed the effort isn't giving any ground accusing his fellow senate republicans of surrender.

>> unfortunately a significant chunk of senate republicans instead came like the air force and began bombing the house republicans, our own troops.

>> reporter: cruz received an 8 minute standing ovation at that gathering in san antonio . beginning this weekend the president's team had hit the road with top officials to try and encourage sign ups. they'll specifically target areas with large numbers of uninsured.