TODAY   |  October 09, 2013

Body found in hospital stairwell, raising questions

A body has been found in a San Francisco hopital’s stairwell weeks after a patient there went missing. The body has not been identified, but the family of the missing 52-year old woman wants answers. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> facing serious questions this morning after a woman's body was found in a hospital stairwell two weeks after a patient there went missing. kristen dahlgren is live in san francisco with the latest. kristen , good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, natalie. there's still no official confirmation on the identity of the body they found but for the missing woman's family it doesn't make any sense. authorities were supposed to have scoured the area for clues and now they're looking into a mysterious death. hospital officials say they don't know the identity of the body found in an exterior stairwell at san francisco general. but for the family of the girl that disappeared from the hospital two weeks ago the find brings questions.

>> her family and friends are distraught beyond words. we need answers.

>> the 57-year-old disappeared on september 21st . in the hospital for two days she was being treated for an infection. nurses checking her every 15 minutes until one check when she was gone.

>> how could someone be in a hospital under medical supervision and leave their room unnoticed.

>> reporter: spaulding was described as frail, on medication and possibly confused when she vanished. at the time the hospital launched an investigation and said security cameras couldn't confirm she left the hospital . her family blanketted the area with missing posters and pictures of her. even a facebook page find lynne. sfgh has some questions to answer at the very least. nobody checked stairwells?

>> we could get the identity later on today. the hospital is cooperating with authorities. one thing to note, the emergency exists to the stairwells are supposed to have alarms which would have indicated somebody using them, natalie.

>> well, kristen dahlgren, hopefully they get to the bottom of it.