TODAY   |  October 07, 2013

Mark your calendar for new music, movies, books

Jessica Shaw from Entertainment Weekly highlights some of the new music, movies and books coming this month, such as Miley Cyrus’ new album, the “Walking Dead” season premiere, and a Hogwarts Library.

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>> absolutely. he is back. tom hanks is pretty much a lock to get an oscar nomination for this. it's a theme we'll see a lot at the oscars. survival stories. gravity which opened this past weekend. we'll see that a lot.

>> and then the walking dead coming back.

>> are you excited?

>> okay. so last season there were a lot of human problems. there was the governor, this season we're back to zombies. all zombies all the time. so many of them. hundreds and hundreds.

>> wow.

>> looking forward to that october 13th .

>> october 18th two big movie releases, first "all is lost".

>> yeah, he plays a man lost at sea and that's it. there's very little dialogue. there are no flash backs with other actors in it. it's just him.

>> like castaway but at sea.

>> there's no volleyball.

>> no wilson?

>> he hasn't been nominated for an acting oscar since the sting in 1974 .

>> is that true?

>> yeah. it is. are you questioning my facts?

>> i just like to call you out sometimes and make sure you tell us the truth.

>> he'll get one for this.

>> carrie is another one.

>> yes, the remake of the 1976 classic horror movie . perfect timing around halloween. julianne moore plays her bible quoting mom who throws her in the baseball.

>> i cannot wait for a new book coming out on the 22nd, actually a sequel to "a time to kill".

>> it's interesting because he could not find a publisher for this book. he would shop it around from publisher to publisher and everyone was like no and then he became big later and they published it. this is a sequel to it and he deals with another case.

>> called "sycamore row".

>> and katy perry also releasing her album.

>> there's big expectations for this album. her last one had 5 number one singles. she tied michael jackson . so this is a little more mature katy perry . she won't be shooting fireworks out of her boobs anymore.

>> roar has already been number one.

>> yes, she performed it at the mtv movie awards . great song.

>> and two weeks from friday, a couple of shows coming out. "grimm" is back and the premiere of dracula".

>> it's by the executive producers of downton abbey so there's costumes and balls and forbidden romance. the walking dead only have zombies but grimm has zombies and mermaids and sewer gators.

>> it's like sharknado.

>> i know.

>> fantastic.

>> friday nights on nbc.

>> j.k.rowling, new book.

>> this is the hogwarts library. this is a collection of the magical beasts and thing just repackaged. just another way to repackage and maybe make more money.

>> like she needs more money, right?

>> yeah.

>> as we look forward, so much is coming out in october, is there anything else for november?

>> plenty. a lot of the oscar movies come out in november and december. even though there's big things coming out, there are huge things coming in november and december.

>> yeah, always around thanksgiving. count on that. jessica shaw, looking forward to it. thank you so much.

>> thank you.