TODAY   |  October 01, 2013

A clutch big enough for day or night

TODAY contributor Jill Martin previews must-have bags for fall, like the perfectly sized portfolio clutch. She recommends trying it in this season’s popular cobalt blue or in a fashionable color-block pattern.

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>>> we're back with more today on this booze day tuesday. time to check out jill's must-haves. today is about the perfect pairings.

>> yeah, we're not talking about wine for once.

>> the hottest handbags who better to keep you up on trends on contributor from people's "stylewatch" and author jill martin.

>> i think it's shock when you go open these magazines and you see all of these bags and they're so expensive. and you say which ones should i buy.

>> if i can only have one --

>> only have one. many of these are in your closet. i'm going to show you the five that are hot right now under $50.

>> okay.

>> let's start with the first one which is this quilted bag which is is traditional stitching.

>> which chanel's been doing forever.

>> you can have it day or night. it has a fancy show to it. let's show how it works.

>> can you carry a ziploc bag.

>> right. you put this in your bigger bag during the day and at night you can wear that.

>> there you go.

>> that's adorable.

>> she doesn't have a bigger bag. just a bigger ziploc bag.

>> yes, i do.

>> that big bag . that works.

>> so excited.

>> satchel. this is the next bag which you may already have in your closet. you can wear all different bags. it's with the handle. it's with a structured bag. normally it's with this. which is removable. i often don't wear it with that. this is the real structured bag from work. this is from jcpenney from structured heaven. if you see the picture with kathie lee .

>> oh, too much cleavage for a woman my age.

>> if you're going out at night, from work during the day to night this is another great option.

>> how much does it cost?

>> all on our website. all under $100.

>> okay.

>> now we're moving over here. colorblocking. huge trend.

>> don't wear it were a colorblocked dress, though. like i've got on.

>> yes. this is another trend. this will take you throughout next year as well. look at all the different kinds. this you want to wear with a solid dress. this is one of the clutches here. let's check in with hoda.

>> look at hoda woman.

>> that's a strange photo.

>> it slants it a little on the monitor. this goes well.

>> very cute.

>> with solid outfit or solid pants or sweater. portfolio clutches. this is the clutch of the season. you're going to get an oversized clutch.

>> like an ipad in that.

>> this is a portfolio clutch, bigger than the traditional ones. checking with kathie lee throughout.

>> i like this picture because it's been -- you know, airbrushed out the wazoo.

>> yes.

>> that's nice, too.

>> now, cobalt blue .

>> this is the new hot color for the season.

>> it is.

>> 2014 , blue is a pantone color. this is from kohl's. you can wear it with brown, blue, pink. it's kind of a neutral to me. this is this strap that looks great.

>> very cute.

>> and then we love the fanny pack . if we can transition with another photo that we love.

>> oh, my gosh!

>> this is an alternative to the fanny pack to get it on trend and carry everything.

>> and also put on a practice. that would be awesome, too.

>> we will do the bra segment --