TODAY   |  September 27, 2013

Toast the season with delicious, affordable wines

Winemaker and restaurateur Joe Bastianich shares his picks for some of the best and most affordable fall wines, ranging from $16 to $23.

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>>> spring bringing seasonal fall favorites back to our table. you need good wine to pair with them. i have been waiting all week for this segment. joe is here to walk us through a tasting. good morning.

>> so people don't differentiate between seasons and wine but you think it's important to do that.

>> like with food, wine is important. you start to feel a different way. the leaves change, your sensibility change and so are the wines you drink.

>> we can still drink white. i like it. here's one we can do.

>> so we start with one from central coast california from a friend of mine. it's an italian variety made in california.

>> are you supposed to smell it?

>> it's part of the process . sniff and taste. this is good like very honey and this we made a salad. so a salad of grilled vegetables mixed with a traditional salad together. great white wine . very sweet.

>> this goes down too easy. what about this one?

>> chardonay. white burgandy. it's made all over the world. the wine is named after the place, not the grape but we know it's made of 100% chardonay. do you like?

>> i might like this one better.

>> it's more oakey. here we made grilled pork sausage but we made an apple chutny. tell me if you want to try some of this.

>> sure.

>>> then we go to italy. all of these wines are 15 to $20. rich, good acidity. this is going to be great with the short ribs.

>> nice.

>> was this a medium body's wine.

>> this is, again, a town outside of verrona. most are named by the places they come from. it's counter american tradition. in europe the wines are named after the place. because the place is important. wine should taste of the place.

>> okay. i keep forgetting to swirl and smell. i just go straight for the drinking.

>> last we go to a french wine . they're a producer of the greatest red wines in the world. he makes this as a blended wine. and --

>> so fall wines, fall food.

>> joe,

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>> welcome to today on this friday morning. september 27th , 2013 .