TODAY   |  September 11, 2013

Ron Howard: ‘Rush’ is an adrenaline-packed drama

The award-winning director’s new movie, “Rush,” is a labor of love. Set in the world of 1970s Formula One racing, it follows two longtime rivals and their struggles on and off the track.

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>>> festival is now in full swing and one of the movies that has a lot of people talking is ron howard 's "rush".

>> that's right. andrea sat down with the oscar-winning director and three of the stars. lucky girl.

>> one of them is chris hemsworth . so you can send me to interview him any time.

>> nice to know.

>> that man hit the genetic lottery i think. would you like me to talk about the movie.

>> is there a movie?

>> it is set in the formula one racing world and ron howard said the film has been a labor of love and the labor is paying off because the film is attracting a lot of attention leading up to it's release.

>> reporter: "rush" is full of drama, both on the racetrack and off.

>> i had that corner.

>> you mean, the one that you spun out of and finished facing the other way. i think that corner had you.

>> reporter: chris hemsworth stars at james hunt and daniel as louda. they were pierce rivals in formula one racing.

>> it's pathetic. rules are ruls.

>> yes and rats are rats. thank you.

>> i have been told to avoid you.

>> by whom.

>> olivia wilde plays suzie miller, james hunt 's love interest and later wife.

>> you want me to stop messing around and settle down and get married with the next nice girl i meet. they think it would be good for me.

>> what do you think?

>> sounds awful.

>> you got really talented actors.

>> they couldn't make it today, i'm sorry.

>> reporter: chris hemsworth , perhaps best known for his role as thor had to lose the super hero body to play james hunt .

>> i'm james hunt 's height but thor couldn't fit into that car but i'll be james hunt 's size if i get the part.

>> he got the part and dropped 30 pounds.

>> there's almost a fourth star i feel like in this movie, at least from the lady's perspective, your backside shots.

>> oh, yeah. was that a double or was that you.

>> that was me. thanks mom and dad .

>> did you like my teeth.

>> yeah, i don't know.

>> yeah it was pretty uncomfortable. that was more intimidating than the driving thing. it was like 100 people standing around and get it off. are you going to turn around first or turn the cameras off? no.

>> i feel like you and your brother liam are dominating hollywood right now. everyone wants these brothers.

>> i have to say i asked his mother the other night at the premiere what does it feel like to have these sons and she said i didn't have them they were created by hollywood scientists. they were just an experiment.

>> do you two have a relationship almost like the rivalry in the movie?

>> we're competitive in everything else but this business. in this business i think you understand the frailty of it or the inconsistency and a win for you is a win for me.

>> reporter: a pivotal moment in rush is the near fatal crash at the 1976 german grand prix .

>> he sent hours in make up to fully capture the extent of injuries.

>> sometimes i would step on set and there were extras that did not get that this was the fake make up and they were shocked when they saw me and didn't look me in the eyes. that made me understand what he had gone through.

>> the actors said how much they enjoyed working with ron howard saying his heart is just as big as his talent and it seems they aren't alone in sharing their affection for him.

>> america loves you. the world loves ron howard .

>> i've had, you know, look, not to get too corny, but my whole relationship with the public and sort of growing up involved in this business is a unique one. i recognize that. not that i've always liked everything every fan or critic had to say or the way they would treat me, but it's been an easy sort of relationship.

>> who doesn't love ron howard ? and speaking of relationships, i asked olivia wilde , she is getting married and i asked if she was going to invite the cast to the wedding and she said only if they would help her plan it.

>> when are they getting married?

>> she didn't say. i don't know. i think she has no southwest airlines many jobs right now.

>> can i just mention to our viewers that while that entire piece was running the two of you were debating the merits of chris hemsworth with 30 pounds extra or 30 pounds less.

>> i said i like his new look.

>> yeah. i like him 30 pounds lighter too. it's more of a chiselled.

>> what do you think?

>> let's try and imagine it had been a woman in that role if i had been sitting here talking about her butt.

>> that's terrible.

>> how could you?

>> you would have been slapped.

>> andrea, thank you very much. "rush" hits theaters next friday and then nationwide on september