TODAY   |  September 04, 2013

What has more protein: Eggs or Greek yogurt?

TODAY diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Ferstrom quizzes Kathie Lee and Hoda on which breakfast foods are healthier: Scrambled eggs or Greek yogurt? A jelly doughnut or a muffin?

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>>> all right. before we play beat it or eat it, we've get to try my fish. this is a fish we made at the top of the show, chilean sea bass in ponzu sauce. come on, get in.

>> wow. oh, my gosh, madelyn.

>> you're going to die.

>> this looks so good, i can't resist.

>> wow, hoda, you could have your own cooking show .

>> this is great.

>> now we're going to play "beat it or eat it."

>> idiot?

>> hello, if the shoe fits. okay, we're going to try to find out which food is healthier and we're supposed to pound the one that isn't?

>> we're going to talk about breakfast foods today and we're going to have the better choice. that's the one you want to eat. the one that is the worst choice, you want to beat. beat it or eat it. get it? okay, first we're going to compare --

>> wait.

>> oatmeal and grits. all buttoned up here?

>> oatmeal and grits? i already know!

>> it was a fiber, but you did beat the right things.

>> don't get it in the fish, please!

>> turn off your mallets, fortify yourself with more fish.

>> this fish is unbelievable. what's next?

>> what's next, we're going to compare a honey bran raisin muffin with jelly donuts. you're beating wrong, because, there you go, the muffin has 440 calories, guess what the jelly do nut has, less than 300. one more bite.

>> i love the fish.

>> take another bite before we move on to another kind of protein. scrambled eggs versus greek yogurt . which is the best protein source and which will you beat? oh! actually, you are both wrong. you are both wrong, because the best source of protein is going to be the greek yogurt . a cup has 25 grams.

>> you beat them afterwards.

>> zero to zero. let's talk about --

>> we were right about the grits. excuse me, madelyn fernstrom.

>> when it comes to fat, turkey bacon and canadian bacon .

>> which one is worse?

>> which one is worse. and you are right, turkey bacon is a health food imposter. get some more fish and let's go to some --

>> okay.

>> shoot, there's more, darn.

>> fruits, okay, a lot of people want to have some fiber.

>> be careful of bones.

>> blackberries and a medium banana. which one is the worst choice when it comes to fiber? worst choice, fiber.

>> this one.

>> that's correct!

>> blackberries are full of fiber.

>> point for that, 8 grams worth.

>> don't beat the pop-tart, i want to beat it.

>> toaster pastry and sugary cereal. one has more sugar. which one has more sugar?

>> that's the one we would beat.

>> give it a whack.

>> no, i'm eating it.

>> okay, actually that is the beat it because that's got four teaspoons of sugar.

>> you can see it.

>> this is sugar-coated cereal. let's finish up with -- fat-free cream cheese on a bagel or regular syrup on pancakes.

>> okay, okay, okay!

>> oh!

>> is she right?

>> no, you're wrong. beat that one, because the fat-free cream cheese fools you, 450 calories versus 300. here's our bonus, reverse beat it or eat it. which one would you eat, is it a 16-ounce skim milk latte or 12 ounce whole fruits smoothie, which is the eat it?

>> they are both okay.

>> which one has less calories if you want in the morning.

>> that one.

>> you're correct. who wants a sip of that? the winner is -- who's the winner? you're going to win a big hunk of canadian bacon .

>> she won.

>> i don't want that. i