TODAY   |  August 31, 2013

Despite reports, Nelson Mandela still in hospital

International reports said former South African president Nelson Mandela had been discharged from the hospital, but government officials have denied that is the case. TODAY’s Tom Llamas reports.

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>> mandela is still in the hospital. government officials say he was not discharged and remains in critical, but stable condition . we are in pretoria with the latest. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, tom. for several hours here in south africa there was a great deal of confusion about the where abouts of nelson mandela . with the international media reports saying he was discharged from the hospital here and returned to his home about an hour from here where he has access to medical care . government officials were woken early on a saturday morning and they denied the claims. the reports were false. perhaps, most intriguing is the source of the information appears that members of the mandela family who say they were in turn misinformed. what it might reveal is that members of the family believe it's possible he might be discharged from the hospital. he's been treated here for 84 days battling a recuring lung infection. officials here say that he remains critically ill, but in stable condition . tom?

>> live from pretoria, south afri