TODAY   |  August 20, 2013

Seattle news anchor celebrates 45 years on job

Jean Enersen is one of the longest-running local television anchors in the country, having worked at NBC Seattle affiliate KING5 for 45 years. Her highlights include a 30-minute interview with President Obama and being a guest co-anchor on TODAY in 1986.

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>>> and we've got one more moment of appreciation, besides our fan appreciations. there's few people that can say they worked at the same place for 45 years. well, jean anderson can. she has been an anchor at king 5 in seattle since 1968 .

>> i think we have some seattle fans back there.

>> that's great. you have seen all of these changes. what's been the most important thing that's happened for you.

>> in terms of broadcasting, i think there's so many other devices that people get their news on, not just television but things have changed a lot from that picture.

>> so you worked with your own share of ron burgandys. no i had great anchorman. i was the first female. king 5 is a great tv station .

>> yeah.

>> and we have been able to do a lot of firsts. i think you have some video, we have gone to china. first local tv station in china. first local anchor of a russian tv station that ran a show much like today and i got to cohost that.

>> that's terrific.

>> congratulations.

>> got to cohost today and fill in for jane pauley which was a little bit like sun bathing naked i would say.

>> okay, look at the time. it's been so fantastic.

>> i can just say one thing?

>> sure.

>> happy birthday.

>> thank you so much. i know everybody in seattle and that area appreciate you.

>> thank you very much and you, bring your whole gang to seattle . we'd love to have the "today" show in