TODAY   |  August 10, 2013

Recovering addict and stray cat share special bond

James Bowen was playing guitar on the street, barely able to feed himself, when he met Bob, a stray cat. He saved Bob and rebuilt his life, and is now out with a new book about their remarkable journey. NBC’s Mandy Clark reports.

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>>> rescue him, all the same. they were all but invisible, except to each other. a homeless heroin addict and a street cat. he was barely able to feed himself. he had a bad leg, skrauny, scratched up and sheltering in his apartment stairwell.

>> there was something about that situation. he wasn't well. i wasn't well. i don't know. we were there for each other.

>> reporter: deciding to save bob forced james to save himself. he kicked the drug habit , became a magazine seller and wrote down the story. the book became an overnight sensation and sold over 1 million copies of female fans.

>> we would like to meet him.

>> bob is a special cat.

>> reporter: now the once down and out duo is set to be up and coming in america. the book has just been released in the u.s. and selling well. there's word of a movie deal. the new celebrity status doesn't seem to phase bob. he's just happy to be spoiled with treats from his adoring public. james says he's pleased he no longer has to worry if he'll have enough money for the next meal.

>> there's no way i could ever thank him enough for what he's done for me. for me to be here speaking to you today is proof of that alone.

>> reporter: two broken creatures battered in life. a true life hollywood ending .