TODAY   |  August 09, 2013

100 homes damaged from flooding in Missouri

Residents of Tennessee were forced to their rooftops as 8 inches of rain soaked parts of Nashville. In Missouri, more than 100 homes and businesses have been damaged from torrential downpours and flash flooding. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>> to start with the wicked weather. we have it covered for you this morning from the raging wildfire in california to the rains producing dangerous flash floods . that's where we'll begin with kerry sanders . he's in hard hit nashville this morning. kerry, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. today will be a day of clean up. folks having to shovel out mud inside their homes or bigger jobs like here. a construction crew is going to have to come in. this building was hit by a flash flood . it was lifted off it's foundation and moved 30 feet and when the waters receded it deposited it right here in a parking lot .

>> reporter: they're singing a very wet tune in parts of the music city .

>> your heart is beating out of your chest because you're so scared.

>> reporter: flash flooding forced residents to their roof tops and rescuers into the neighborhoods.

>> coming completely into the house and covered up everything. about 4 feet inside the house.

>> reporter: up to 8 inches of rain soaked some sections of the city. firefighters rescued more than 200 residents with boats. with school in session those that went to school were safe as buses diverted from flooded areas.

>> i screamed at my husband it's coming in the house and then it started coming out of the house.

>> reporter: a rescue worker wearing a helmet camera captured video as he evacuated those trapped in wilson county , tennessee. tennessee isn't the only state dealing with massive flash flooding . parts of a trailer park in missouri swept away. more than 100 homes and businesses are damaged by water that crested the turkey creek bay.

>> there was nothing you could do. the current was too strong.

>> reporter: two days of torrential rain dumped 15 inches leading to widespread road closures. flash flooding also hit parts of georgia where 10 inches of rain washed out several roads. officials say it's too early to know when they will all reopen. wild weather throughout much of the country leaving folks, in a word, miserable.

>> i don't know what's going on with the weather these days but it's not good.

>> reporter: two dozen people spent the night in red cross shelters. many more stayed with family and friends. this is going to be a miserable clean up for a lot of folks here, savannah.

>> kerry sanders in nashville, thank