TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Princeton Review reveals top colleges nationwide

Rob Franek, vice president of The Princeton Review, reveals the schools taking the top spot in a variety of categories, from career services and financial aid packages to campus food and dorms.

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>>> when it comes to choosing a llege,hato you look for? the one wh the most financial aid ? the best dorms? ybe the biggest party school ?

>> princen review is out with the btankings and complete ofiles of the best78 lleges in the country. he is the vice president ands here to reve se of them.

>> good to syou.

>> princeton review separate from princeton university . unreted. let's sta with an important one. fincial aid.

>> best financial aid . we wer talking about it becse it's also numberne for private school . nnsylvan, 1500 kids awesome school academicall b a high ticket ice.

>> we have some of our great intes doing the reveal with theat and the pennant. it'saving a goyear. st value and bt financial aid .

>> he avera impact is now $37,600 so a great value.

>> he'sn important category a somethi parents were intested in. that's whe it comes to ceer services

>> penn stat university. been a usu suspect o the lis but the number one spot for reer rvices. it's a big school , 38,000 kids bu a 40 membe sff staffing at career services ceer. mp jobsnd caree services and a network for everyone t getba.

>> going to clege is just t beginning.

>> exactly.

>> it's about where you go from there. now this is important. best campu food.

>> oh, yes. usual suspect i bowdoin llege. it is a fulous school academically. super competitive but they said we're going to mak su.

>> they have annnual lobster ke at beginngf each year.

>> it's in in it is. true enough. shrimp cakes, lobster, mne blueberrs. 's an awesome place to go to school and great qlity of life. hpiest students. thissn imptant category

>> it's claremont mckenna college . students tk abo their cultynd how gat they a in the classro but then their quit of le and how happy th are. 35 milesutside of l geles.

>> it's an expensive school as well. ere maybe spa treatments keing them happy.

>> that's right.

>> massage every morng. this is an interesting on best dorm cause dms can be ptty awful. thas true. when weere in school it might have been more cder block cells. but y won't expernchat at th colleg all womes school . the are big residthall 36 diffent house fm 10 t 100tudents a piece.

>> no guys trashing the dorms.

>> there's the key right there.

>> okay. and theninally we mentioned earlier on today, top par school .

>> nber one o the list is universi of iowa. it's been in the t list or the last 9 years but the fst ti it's in th numrne spot

>> go iowa.

>> how d you do the rankings?

>> we ok at five different crit criteria. it's 126,000 students we surveyed ts ar. we looked atonsumption of beer, har liquor. ugs on campus, hours of study outside of the campus and popuri of fraternits and sororities.

>> rgersot in the top five party schools .

>> vanderbilt not either, right? greatincialid and gat academics.

>> tnkso much.