TODAY   |  August 05, 2013

New Iranian president open to dialogue with US

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was officially replaced on Sunday by Hassan Rouhani, who is promising big changes for the country and talking about more dialogue with Western nations. NBC’s Ann Curry speaks to young voters who helped initiate the shift in power.

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>>> well, the man that was the face of iran and all it's hostility toward the united states was officially replaced sunday by a new president who was talking about nmore dialogue with the west. ann curry is in iran with more on the shift in power.

>> reporter: those men smile for the cam tam rangers though he promises to change almost everything he has done. in the market it's clear much is expected of him. the pressure of sanctions has the economy in shambles. prices for food out of control. that and deep unemployment is devastating for the young in a country where nearly 70% are under 30. many like miriam are disillusions.

>> how much hope do you have for the new president.

>> nothing.

>> no hope?

>> no hope.

>> reporter: still they voted and because of them iran has a moderate president promising sweeping change.

>> right now my people i can see happiness.

>> reporter: she is a pharmacist.

>> it is compromise between iran and the u.s. the compromise to have a better life than having nuclear power .

>> reporter: students support the call to end sensorship of the internet saying we built the republic to get out of the dictatorship. this country should be different from north korea . we're meant to have freedom.

>> would you like to see the presidents meet.

>> it's a good idea, yeah. the u.s. and iran .

>> reporter: but as high as the hopes are in this moment in this country the odds against real change are even higher. ann curry , nbc news,