TODAY   |  August 02, 2013

Pippa Middleton’s new article focuses on cricket

In Pippa Middleton’s second article for Vanity Fair, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge describes some of the joys and complexities of cricket, a sport pretty foreign to most Americans. NBC’s Erica Hill reports.

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>> as the duchess of cambridge adjust stocks a new mom her sister is pretty busy. pippa middleton is a contributing writer to " vanity fair ." her second article hits newsstands today.

>> first it's about wimbledon. this time pippa is talk about playing cricket. if you're confused by the complicated sport, it turns out you have good company. it looks fancy and fun. in shows like dalton abby cricket is a sophisticated sport. but this complicated british pastime is foreign to us americans. sometimes compared to baseball, cricket is a bat and ballgame but with 11 players. the article is pippa 's light-hearted attempt to explain the 300-year-old sport and its interesting vernacular. things like silly, googlely and h howzat. there are two things that attract pippa to cricket. there's tea because the game can last from three hours to five days. and those dapper men in white. her role is as a cheerleader or a boundary bake.

>> came to cricket cheering on boyfriends who have played the sport and from a fan's perspective than a player's.

>> she writes quote there you'll have found me trying to locate my man of the moment through a tiny pair of binoculars. the 11 players in each team always seem to look the same to me. although the famous aunt pippa has been tied to a banker, not a cricket player .

>> they have a rich history to be the aunt of a future king. no official role for her so she's carving out a role for herself.

>> while the public seems en enthralled with her every move and outfit she's hard at work as a columnist. focusing on party planning and her love of sports. she says when it comes to cricket the most important thing is you don't have to understand to it enjoy it. pippa 's final piece of advice, never snore too loudly, however boring the game may have become or however much you have had to drink during lunch time . fair enough.

>> as for pippa 's next piece, " vanity fair " said they are hoping the sport of king, polo which her brother-in-law prince harry plays.

>> thank you.

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