TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Woman, ailing father have wedding dance (a bit early)

Rachel Wolf honored her father, who is dying of pancreatic cancer, by organizing a wedding without a groom so she and the dad she describes as “the ultimate hero” could share the traditional father-daughter dance. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>> to every daughter who wants a dream wedding and every dad that struggles to let her go. here's gabe gutierrez with the story.

>> each and every day we have a choice. we have a choice to either love that person that's in front of us or not.

>> for dr. james wolfe , the choice has always been clear. family first. just ask his daughter rachel .

>> my dad is like the ultimate dad. the ultimate hero. the ultimate be there support you.

>> this is the day she has always dreamed of. the gown, the make up, the flowers.

>> i know she is going to be stunning and her hair is going to be beautiful. i'm just going to stand there in awe.

>> but there's one thing missing, a groom. instead, this day is about the other man in her life.

>> i want to tell him how much i love him and how much i miss him.

>> dr. wolf is dying, cancer. he likely has less than three months to live.

>> there's a lot of things that i would have liked the girls to experience with me being there. and i'm not going to be there.

>> so to make sure that he would be there, rachel came up with with an unusual idea, create her own father, daughter dance and record it.

>> i was flabbergasted. james drained by chemo finding strength for his family. hours before the big moment he's in the hospital. so exhausted he can barely get dressed without help from his wife.

>> i don't know what to expect. i'm hoping he is feeling well enough to get the dance in.

>> the crowd seems to wonder that too until the limo pulls up.

>> are you going to help me carry this dress.

>> do you need help.

>> yeah.

>> honey, you look gorgeous.

>> thanks daddy.

>> it may not be exactly like rachel always drempt.

>> i love you daddy.

>> but it's one last dance she'll never forget.

>> will you spin me?

>> would you like to be spun right now?

>> yes.

>> it's the relationships that you build with over the years that is the most important thing in life. i will dance with cinderella

>> a dance proving that when it comes to making memories, why wait.

>> i'll always be with you, okay? remember that. i love you honey.

>> i love you too daddy.

>> for today, gabe gutierrez, nbc news, auburn, california.

>> we all got a lump in the throat on that one. she will always treasure that video.

>> so beautiful.

>> it's great to be able to talk about it too. you hate to put yourself in that situation but they do have that and that's pretty special.