TODAY   |  July 18, 2013

Keep your hair smooth in hot, humid weather

Chances are you’re battling the heat wave this week, and for a lot of us hot, humid weather means dealing with crazy, frizzy hair. Celebrity stylist Ted Gibson offers tips on how to keep all types of hair looking good in the heat.

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>>> for a lot of you, this hazy, hot, humid weather means one thing and one thing only, frizz town. ted gibson is here. this segment is for me. this weather kills the hair. you've got some ideas.

>> so hot and so frizzy out here, the girls are wreaking havoc on their hair.

>> we have four different ideas what we can do. let's start here. you have flat ironed her hair?

>> one of the things about arta, you can see her hair is naturally curly. one of the things we always talk about with naturally wavy hair, you're fighting frizz. even if you have straight hair, you're fighting frizz. you want to make sure the flat iron you use, look for two different things. you look for ceramic, which helps even heat distribution. and also look for permalene. it's negatively charged and helps positively charmged hair. you add a little serum first. this is heat protection, which is vital. you rub that through.

>> wait for it to dry?

>> no, just go right in. you want to use a drubrush instead of using a comb. you take a brush, use the flat iron all the way through, and then smooth.

>> flat iron really holds the style.

>> it does hold the style. most of the time, what women do is take a section like this, and, oh, i'm going to pull my hair out. you don't get it smooth enough. you have to take a half second to get that smoothness.

>> and next we have sarah . going to take a different approach with the fuller look.

>> sarah 's problem is she doesn't have any volume. we know what happens to girls. you're always talking about my hair's flat. my hair doesn't have any movement. what you want to do is use something like a dry shampoo or even baby powder to help combat that. this is how you apply that. take a section. add the dry shampoo straight to the roots. you can see how much volume it gives.

>> does that absorb the moisture?

>> it actually absorbs the oil. if you have very oily hair, very oily scalp, this helps to add volume and soak up oil. and you fine haired girls are always concerned about that.

>> they're also fine like our sarah . full body. great. your next idea is to pin it up. we throw it in a ponytail a lot of times.

>> ponytails for girls all the time. the one thing we talk about with the ponytail is what's going to provoke a different sensibility. the higher the ponytail is a little bit more cheerleader and the lower is more sophisticated. with whitney, we put a ponytail in. we'll take the ponytail to the next level. we're actually going to put in what is called a top knot . all you need is a ponytail holder for it. you put your top knot in. you actually pin it. then after you pin it, what's great about it is we're going to take it to the next level again because that's what it's about today, this morning. you can take a hair accessory. all you have to do is just clip this right on here.

>> okay, great. we're running out of time . that's so cute. thank you.

>> then we have braids. braids are super, super, super hot right now. we just launched a braid bar in my florida salon. this particular braid is called the fisco braid. a lot of celebrities are wearing it. you take a few strands and put it in. what's great about it is you can actually loosen it up a little bit.

>> to work with the weather. ted gibson, thank you so