TODAY   |  July 14, 2013

‘Covert Affairs’ star: ‘Epic secrets will be revealed’

The spy drama “Covert Affairs” is coming back for its fourth season, and star Christopher Gorham told TODAY “things get pretty steamy pretty quickly in the season premiere” of the USA Network show.

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>>> more deadly in the prae mere of "covert affairs."

>> christopher gorham is here. good morning. you are star of the show. you play augie anderson.

>> correct.

>> so from what i understand, there was a cliffhanger at the end where you kissed your co-star.

>> yes.

>> and you're getting together now after, what, three seasons finally?

>> they get steamy quickly in the season premiere which is tomorrow night on usa.

>> we knew the tension was leading there, by the way.

>> did you in.

>> i did. two seasons prior. this show is full of false identities where people you think are good guys may be bad guys . is there going to be any more mystery to your kashg it ter character?

>> he has a couple epic secrets that will be revealed this season that have huge -- has a big impact on his relationship with annie and the cia. there's a lot that goes down in season four.

>> you have three seasons of a huge fan base building for this. you've been tweeting a lot about getting ready for this fourth -- the start of the fourth season. can you give us anything besides the fact you have some secrets? give us a hint. your fans want to know.

>> let me see. i would say one of the huge secrets involved his relationship with arthur, with the character on the show. we learn a lot about how well these two guys actually know each other and they go further back than people realize.

>> very nice.

>> and you actually directed an ep today last season.

>> i did. i will be directing episode 14. i started producing this year. we have a series of webisodes called sights unseen that will be on the web, that will go live during our premiere tuesday night.

>> overachiever.

>> i have to keep busy. i have three kids.

>> i have one.