TODAY   |  June 02, 2013

IRS troubles continue with dance training video

The scandal-plagued IRS is taking another hit, and this time it’s a training video of its employees dancing to the “Cupid Shuffle” on the tax payer’s dime. David Gregory, of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” said this is a distraction for the Obama administration. TODAY’s Erica Hill interviews David Gregory.

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>>> the irs is facing another headache in the wake of the news the tea party had extra scrutiny. an embarrassing training video made by the irs a couple years ago, showing some of its employees line dancing. critics say it is a huge waste of money. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press" and joins us this morning. david, good morning.

>> good morning, erica.

>> the three-minute video doing the cupid shuffle , comes on the heels of training videos that cost a combined $60,000. what does this do for both the irs and the administration?

>> you know, this is just a lot of money spent for conferences, where people get together at a time of furloughs in the federal government and sequester, it's only going to train more of a spotlight on the irs , and i think that's the difficulty here. the bigger point, as i talked to republicans on capitol hill , they intend to keep these investigations going, numerous committees looking at the irs . not just the targeting of conservative groups, those 501 c 4s, but other groups reporting over the weekend of their tax status and tax issues they face. so they are going to keep the pressure on here. that makes it at least a distraction for the administration.

>>> how much of a distraction at this point?

>> well, look, once we get into the campaigning of 2014 , you've seen it from the leader of the republicans in the senate, mitch mcconnell , who wants to make this an obama issue, not just an irs issue but government out of control and lay that at the feet of president obama . i think you're going to see a lot of republicans doing that.

>>> as we head to 2014 , we learned this week congresswoman michele bachmann won't be seeking re-election. a lot of reaction to that. what does that do to republicans and the tea party ?

>> i think the tea party is still pretty energized. all you have to do is look at rand paul, presidential contenders, standard bearers for that tea party sentiment. they are doing it within the senate as lawmakers. i think there's a lot of energy there as they continue to move forward and make the case about government being too big paragraph all right, david. thanks. we'll check in with you to see what's coming up on "meet the press."