TODAY   |  May 20, 2013

$590M Powerball winner bought ticket in Fla.

A Publix grocery store in Zephyrhills, Fla., sold a Powerball ticket worth $590.5 million, the second-largest lottery jackpot in history, to one lucky winner. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> for one brief weekend much of the nation shared the dream of winning the $590 million powerball jackpot. kerry sanders is in zephyrhills , florida florida .

>> reporter: $590.5 million, sold at the publix grocery store back there to one person, the second largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history , but it is the single largest to one winner who has yet to come forward. now zephyrhills is famous before this because of bottled water . this is the zephyrhills bottled water that has put this town of 13,000 plus on the map. of course, now the question is, do we know, do the residents here know who that winner is? it's probably a neighbor. it's a grocery store . this is not a place that you get a whole lot of people coming from outside, other than a few people who go to the drop zone because it's a famous place to come parachuting and do sky diving . we know what a florida latry ticket looks like, right there, and we know what a losing ticket looks like there, says not a winner which as i say is a polite way of saying a loser.

>> we're all losers together and that one winner i cannot wait to see who the person is. maybe it's a group. we'll see hopefully soon, kerry. thank you very much.