TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

Bradley Cooper: I wanted to be a ninja

Actor Bradley Cooper “never laughed harder” than he did when reprising his role as Phil in “The Hangover 3,” the final film in the franchise. Watch as he reveals his childhood ninja aspirations.

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>>> "the hangover part 3 " is a hot topic for movie lovers. bradley cooper is reprising his role as phil. when the wolf papack gets back together count on things going wrong.

>> ahh! i'm okay.

>> hey, phil?

>> what's wrong?

>> hold on a second.

>> what?

>> hold on, like kick yourself out a little bit.

>> alan .

>> stay still.

>> alan . did you get it?

>> no.

>> bradley , welcome back. good to see you.

>> hey, great to be here.

>> i don't have to ask you questions. you know what you're going to ask me. i know the drill now.

>> i had the questions down and i come in the studio and he's looking at all my questions so what am i going to ask you now?

>> hmm -- i didn't study, i'm not going to pretend.

>> we saw a lot of tricks in movie making . how high off the ground?

>> they rebuilt the facade of caesar's palace inside the largest studio in warner brothers . about six, seven or eight floors. zach was a trooper because he's very scared of heights and kept saying what if there's an earthquake. they're just going to leave me dangling at that moment?

>> that would be quite a coincidence. zach was here last week, wet his pants.

>> it's like a party trick he does.

>> he can do it on demand.

>> the women love it.

>> the rumor is this is the last "hangover." are you cool with that?

>> yes. it's all gravy, matt. think about it. we made the first and a halfie never thinking it would be a trilogy. the fact i'm sitting three movies in is incredible.

>> is it a never say never or you might want to go back to this?

>> no, it's over. it's done.

>> really?

>> todd phillips spent the last six years of his life making "hangover" movies answer time to move on.

>> so many great physical moments, stunts like that but so much great dialogue. is there a moment from any of the three, bradley , that you look and say that was one of the funniest things i've ever shot for a film?

>> no question about it, election night 2008 and we did the scene in the first hangover where the older gentleman takes his underwear down and we could not get through that scene. zach had to leave, took us two hours to get through it. matt walsh was in there. i've never laughed harder.

>> does it happen where they have to stop rolling?

>> we try not to because it's not easy making movies but yeah that does happen. when you're flanked by zach and ed, i mean, it's pretty crazy.

>> the story in this one, basically it starts out, it's alan 's story, alan has gotten to a point where you as his friends and his family members decide it's time for an intervention.

>> that's right.

>> why did you wait this long?

>> that's a good question. well, i mean something tragically happens at the beginning of the movie, there's no more anchor in his life and it gets to a point, you'd think he was a time bomb in the first two movies. the third you realize there has to be some sort of way of reining him in.

>> you've done a lot of interviews and cheated on a lot of these tests but when you come on a show like this the producers hand us all kinds of notes and articles about you so over the last couple of days i was reading an article about you and this just jumped out to me, it said for a while in your life, and it made it sound like kind of a long while you were obsessed with being a ninja.

>> yes.

>> where did that come from?

>> you know, i mean --

>> like a ninja ninja?

>> well my idea of what a ninja would be. on the back of magazines as a kid you can buy little things if you had enough tickets.

>> but i always bought the freeze dried sea horses.

>> i wanted the chinese stars or the nunchucks and stuff.

>> you asked your dad if you could move to japan.

>> until i was 21, yeah.

>> i thought it was like a 6 or 7-year-old thing, until you were 21.

>> i would move there until i was 21.

>> i'm going to ask to move -- i kept asking until i was 21 years old. so you've gotten rid of that?

>> it could happen.

>> never say never.

>> last time you were here it was for "silver linings playbook" and great things happened with the oscar nomination. you look back at awards season what stands out to you?

>> so many moments. i think probably the coolest thing was myself and my mother and then robert de niro and daniel day -lewis and his family we all traveled up together and hung out and took pictures. to be with the two people probably the reasons why i became an actor that was incredible.

>> do you ever worry you'll get to a stage where it will be ho-hum?

>> no, i never worry about that. i love it too much. i can't even imagine that happening.

>> i like another thing i read about you, one of the ways you stay grounded every once in a while you read the comments on the message board , portions of websites.

>> yes.

>> it's rough, huh?

>> i'm going to try not to do that anymore.

>> that might be a little too much.

>> too masochistic.

>> "hangover 3" opens may 23rd . bradley , come back to see